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 especially rare and unknown shrubs




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(the name behind the plantname is the name of the author who has described the plant; the number between the brackets, e.g. (z7), is the hardiness zone, see at the bottom of the plantlist for the zones)

Abelia biflora   Turcz. (z7)
Deciduous shrub to 1m. Flowers in pairs, opening light pink, later white, in June.

Abelia chinensis   R. Br. (z8)
Deciduous shrub, flowering in July-August having scented flowers.

Abelia longituba 'Bumblebee'   (z8)
Semideciduous low shrub; bright pink flowers for a long time in summer.

Abelia mosanensis   I.C. Chung ex Nakai (z6)
Deciduous shrub to 1.5m. from North-Korea. In May and June covered with white, carmine tinted, strong scented flowers, 10 to 12mm. long. The most hardy Abelia!

Abelia triflora   R. Br. ex Wall. (z7)
Deciduous shrub up to 4m. tall. Flowering from June to August; the flowers are whitish-pink with a strong scent.

Abeliophyllum distichum   Nakai (z4) " White Forsythia"
Deciduous shrub with thin branches; flowers on one-year growth white or pinkish, having a Forsythia-like appearance, in February-March.

Abies kawakamii   (Hayata) T. Itô (z7?)
Rare conifer from Taiwan.

Acacia dealbata   Link. (z8)
Evergreen tree, 9 to 20m. tall with very fine bipinnate leaves. Yellow flowers in racemes, in winter to early spring, fragrant.

Acacia pataczekii   D.I. Morris (z7?)
Small shrub with bluish-green leaves.

Acer carpinifolium Sieb. & Zucc. (z5)
The leaves of this Japanees Maple look like the leaves of Carpinus.

Acer cissifolium   (Siebold & Zucc.) K. Koch (z6)
Small tree of shrub; leaves trifoliate and sharp serrate.

Acer griseum   (Franch.) Pax (z6)
Slow growing small tree with three-lobed leaves and a beautiful exfoliating bark.

Acer henryi Pax (z6)
Rare tree from China with trifoliate leaves and a red autumncolour.

Acer pseudosieboldianum var. takesimense   (Nakai) P.C. de Jong (z5)
Very rare Maple from eastern Asia.

Adenocarpus decorticans   Boiss. (z8)
Evergreen shrub or small tree from Spain; bark on older branches and trunk white peeling; very attractive. The margins of the three-parted leaves are rolled up; the gold-yellow flowers open in May-June in 3-6cm. long racemes.

Adina racemosa   (Siebold & Zucc.) Miq. (z8?)
Unknown deciduous shrub from the same family as Cephalanthus occidentalis.

Adina rubella   Hance (z7/8)
The leaves of this deciduous shrub which grows to 2m. are looking like Abelia; the Cephalanthus (=buttonbush) -like flowers are ±1.5cm. Ø. Not hardy enough in The Netherlands.

Aesculus bushii (x) C.K. Schneid. (z5)
Hybrid between Aesculus glabra and Aesculus pavia.

Aesculus californica (Spach) Nutt. (z7)
Shrubby Horsechestnut from California. White to pink flowers in narrow 8-20cm. long panicles.

Aesculus californica 'Spring Joy' (z7)
In spring the young leaves are yellow, later turning into bright green.

Aesculus chinensis   Bunge (z6)
Tall tree from China with 20-35cm. long panicles of white flowers.

Aesculus 'Chocolate Autumn' (z6)
The autumncolour begins in August with a chocolate colour, but the leaves don't drop before the normal time.

Aesculus flava Sol. (z5)
Hardy Horsechestnut with yellow flowers.

Aesculus glabra Willd. (z4)
Tall tree from eastern USA. The pale yellow-green flowers are not conspicuous. Fruits with short prickles.

Aesculus glabra var. arguta (Buckley) Rob. (z5)
Shrub with yellow flowers.

Aesculus glaucescens (x) Sarg. (z5)
Shrub or small tree with small yellow flowers.

Aesculus hippocastanum 'Monstrosa'   (z3)
Sometimes the new growth of this very slow growing Horsechestnut are only buds or small band formed branches.

Aesculus 'Laciniata'   (z3)
The leaves of this Horschestnut are finely serrate.

Aesculus neglecta 'Georgiana'   (z5)
Slow growing shrub with red and yellow flowers; useful for the smaller garden.

Aesculus pavia 'Gimborn' (z5)
Selection of the Gimborn Arboretum, Doorn, NL.

Aesculus pavia 'Koehnei'   (z5)
Dwarf form. Grows about 5cm. a year. Flowers red and yellow, in June.

Aesculus pavia var. discolor   (Pursh) Torr. & Gray (z5)
Coarser shrub than Aesculus pavia 'Koehnei'. Flowers more yellow and less red.

Aesculus sylvatica W. Bartram (z5)
Small shrub with red and yellow flowers.

Aesculus turbinata Blume (z6)
Tall tree with large leaves. The flowers looks very like Aesculus hippocastanum.

Aesculus wangii   Hu (z8)
Very rare Horsechestnut. Fast growing to a nice tree. The yellowish flowers in to 40cm. long panicles. The fruits are to 10cm. Ø.

Aesculus wilsonii   Rehd. (z6)
Very rare big tree from China.

Aextoxicon punctatum Ruiz & Pav. (z8)
Evergreen tree from Chile. Nice white flowers later followed by blue-black fruits.

Ailanthus altissima var. sutchuenensis (Dode) Rehd. & E.H. Wils. (z7)
Very fast growing tree from China. The leaves not so unpleasant smelling as the species.

Akebia quinata 'Variegata'   (z5)
Deciduous vine to 10m. or more, fast growing in fertile soil; the leaves are slightly speckled white. Flowers purple with any female and more male flowers in racemes; sometimes they will fruit; fruits violet, 5-10cm. long.

Alangium chinense   (Lour.) Harms (z7)
Deciduous shrub with white flowers in July-August. The leaves look like Alangium platanifolium but smaller.

Alangium platanifolium var. genuinum   Wang. (z8)
Kind small tree with Planetree-like leaves; flowers about 3cm. long, petals reflexed; fruits are 1cm. long black-blue berries.

Alangium platanifolium var. macrophyllum   (Siebold & Zucc.) Wang. (z7)
Coarser than Alangium platanifolium var. genuinum; the flowers are smaller, about 2cm. long.

Albizia chinensis   (Osb.) Merr. (z8?)
Looks like Albizia julibrissin, but the leaves are coarser; conspicuous are the long lasting stipules, ca. 1.5cm. across. White flowers.

Albizia coreana   Nakai (z8?)
The leaves of this species are some bigger than of A. julibrissin. The small tree has white flowers in spring.

Albizia julibrissin 'Boubri'   (z8/7?)
Nearly red flowering selection.

Albizia julibrissin 'Ernest Wilson' (z7?)
This cv. has to be more hardy than the species.

Albizia julibrissin var. rosea   (Carrière) Mouill. (z7)
The flowers of this variety are darker pink and the plant is more hardy when older.

Albizia kalkora   (Roxb.) Prain (z8)
This tropical tree comes from S.E. Asia.

Alnus cremastogyne   Burkill (z7)
Deciduous tree from China with very long stalked (5-8cm.) fruit cones.

Alnus formosana   (Burkill) Makino (z7)
Evergreen tree from the mountains of Taiwan. More hardy than expected.

Alnus glutinosa 'Aurea'   (z3)
Yellow leaved Alder.

Alnus japonica   (Thunb.) Steud. (z5)
Beautiful tree with dark green leaves.

Alnus nitida   (Spach) Endl. (z6)
Tree with thin dark green leaves and 10-15cm. long male catkins.

Alnus rubra Bong. (z6)
Tree from the west-coast of North-America with red male catkins in spring.

Alnus serrulata (Aiton) Willd. (z3)
Alder from eastern USA. Shrub.

Alnus serrulatoides Callier (z7)
Big shrub or small tree from Japan.

Amelanchier alnifolia var. cusickii   (Fernald) C.L. Hitchc. (z5)
Serviceberry with large(st) flowers, white; shrub to 3m.

Amelanchier bartramiana (Tausch) M. Roem. (z5)
Small shrub from eastern USA.

Amelanchier denticulata   (Kunth) K. Koch. (z8?)
Small shrub with small grey hairy leaves. Fruits pink.

Amelanchier florida Lindl. (z6)
Deciduous shrub flowering in May. Flowers white, 2-3cm. wide in upright racemes.

Amelanchier humilis   Wiegand (z5)
Suckering shrub to 1m.; white flowers in spring. After flowering followed by red berries.

Amelanchier rotundifolia (ovalis)   Dum Cours. (z5)
Multi-stemmed upricht shrub to 3m. Flowers white, in May.

Amelanchier sanguinea (Pursh) DC. (z4)
Upright growing shrub with white flowers in May and followed by edible sweet, juicy fruits.

Amorpha californica Torr. & A. Gray (z7)
Shrub from southern California. Reddish-purple flowers in long racemes at the beginning of the summer.

Amorpha ouachitensis   Wilbur (z7)
Very rare False-indigo from Arizona (USA).

Ampelopsis aconitifolia Bunge (z5)
Fast growing vine with deep incised leaves and at first orange berries later turning into blue.

Ampelopsis arborea   (L.) Koehne (z8)
Fast growing vine. The bipinnate leaves are reddish.

Ampelopsis megalophylla   Diels & Gilg (z5)
Very attractive climbing plant with thick brown branches and large bipinnate blue-green leaves.

Andrachne colchica Fisch. & C.A. Mey. ex Boiss. (z6)
Low shrublet, some suckering.

Aphananthe aspera (Thunb.) Planch. (z7)
This member of the Elm-family growth to 20 m. high.

Apollonias barbujana (Cav.) Bornm. (z10)
Shrub of the Canary Islands and Azores belonging to the Laurel-family. Older plants form Oliv-like blue-black fruits. Not hardy in the Netherlands, only a tub-plant.

Aralia cachemirica   Decne. (z7)
Perennial, about 1,50m. high. Flowers in July-August, cream-white, later followed by dark purple berries.

Aralia cordata var. sachalinensis   (Regel) Nakai (z5)
Perennial. The shrub grows to about 80cm. height. From eastern Asia.

Aralia nudicaulis L. (z3)
The flower umbels of this to 50cm. high subshrub are greenish, in May-June.

Aralia spinosa   L. (z4)
Big shrub or tree to 10m. height. Very beautiful flowering in whole summer.

Aralia stipulata   Franch.
The leaves of this Aralia have a purple blaze.

Arbutus arizonica   (A. Gray) Sarg. (z6)
Rare tree from southwestern USA.

Arbutus 'Marina' (z8-9)
Evergreen shrub with a beautiful red-braun peeling bark. Flowers pink in panicles year round, followed by orange-red fruits.

Arbutus menziesii   Pursh (z8)
Evergreen tree with an exfoliating bark, stem cinnamon-brown. Flowers in panicles, white, in May. Needs a sheltered place.

Arbutus unedo   L. (z7-8)
The flowers of this shrub are light pink. The orange-red to 2cm. big fruits are ripening the next year together with the new flowers; they look like strawberries.

Arbutus unedo 'Compacta'   (z7-8)
A more compact growing selection.

Arbutus unedo 'Quercifolia'   (z7-8)
The leaves of this selection have large teeth at the margins.

Arbutus unedo 'Rubra'   (z7-8)
The flowers of this selection are deep pink; the plant is more hardy in winter.

Ardisia japonica   (Thunb.) Blume (z8)
Low growing evergreen shrub with bright-pink flowers in August-September, later followed by red berries. Need a sheltered place.

Ardisia japonica 'Ito Fukurin'   (z8)
The leaves of this selection have a cream margin.

Argyrocytisus battandieri   (Maire) Raynaud (z7-8)
(syn.: Cytisus battandieri Maire.)
Beautiful upright tall shrub with grey-green leaves. Late in spring they will flower with erect gold-yellow racemes. A sheltered position is better in colder areas.

Arisaema tortuosum   (Wall.) Schott

Aristolochia baetica   L.
Clinging shrub from Spain and Portugal, but not hardy in The Netherlands. The leaves are bluish-green, the flowers brown-black. Useful as tubplant.

Aristolochia californica   Torr. (z8)
Climbing shrub with grey-hairy leaves; the purple flowers are 5cm. long and appear in March-April. Subshrub for a sheltered place.

Aristolochia debilis   Siebold & Zucc. (z10)
Rare climbing shrub from China; particular flowers and big green fruits.

Aristolochia fimbriata   Cham. (z7)
Climbing shrub with kind flowers.

Aristolochia sempervirens   L. (z8)
Twining shrub with heart-shaped leaves.

Aristotelia chilensis   (Molina) Stuntz (z8)
Evergreen shrub from Chile; carries black fruits in late summer. Not hardy enough in The Netherlands.

Aristotelia chilensis 'Variegata'   (z8)
Nice variegated form with cream-yellow margin.

Aristotelia serrata (G. Forst.) Oliv. (z8)
Ornamental deciduous tree or shrub with pink flowers in May. Only for places where the weather is mild.

Aronia arbutifolia 'Erecta'   (z5)
Small shrub with a strictly columnar growth and a good autumncolour; flowers pinkish-white in May-June.

Aronia mitschurinii   A.K. Skvortsov & Yu.K. Maitulina (z3)
Very hardy Chokeberry from Russia.

Artemisia cana   Pursh (z3)
Small 50cm. high shrub with grey leaves and a nice scent.

Asimina triloba   (L) Dunal (z6)
Rare tall shrub or little tree with purple-brown flowers before the leaves in May; followed by edible yellow fruits in September-October.

Asterotrichion discolor   (Hook.) Melville (z9)
Evergreen shrub from Tasmania. The leaves are covered with a white powder, giving the plant a grey radiation. Flowers are white.

Atherosperma moschatum Labill. (z8)
Evergreen tree from southern Australia and Tasmania. Leaves with a nice smell.

Atriplex canescens   (Pursh) Nutt. (z7)
Shrub with gray-green leaves and yellowish flowers from July to September.

Aucuba omeiensis   (W.P. Fang) W.P. Fang & Soong (z8)
Nice selection with oblong toothed leaves. Fruits red.

Austrocedrus chilensis   (D. Don) Pic. Serm. & Bizzarri
Coniferous shrub from the south of Chile and Argentine. Only for sheltered places.

Azara alpina Poepp. & Endl. (z8)
Dwarf shrub from Chile.

Azara microphylla 'Variegata'   (z8)
Beautiful cream-variegated variety.

Bauhinia yunnanensis   Franch. (z8)
More or less climbing shrub with 2-lobed leaves and racemes of pinkish-white flowers.

Berberidopsis corallina   Hook. f. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with thin leaves. The deep red flowers born in long stalked pendulous racemes from July to September. Only for very sheltered place or as a tub plant.

Berberis amurensis Rupr. (z6)
Deciduous shrub with nice yellow flowers in pendulous racemes to 25cm. long. Red berries.

Berberis aridocalida   Ahrendt (z7)
Nice small leaved Berberis with a red autumncolour.

Berberis bretschneideri Rehd. (z6)
Deciduous shrub. Light yellow flowers in 5cm. long racemes. Berries red.

Berberis chilensis Gillet (z9)
Not hardy Berberis from Chile. Leaves white pruinose; blue fruits.

Berberis circumserrata   (C.K. Schneid.) C.K. Schneid. (z6)
Deciduous low shrub with a splendid red autumncolour and nice orange-red fruits in autumn.

Berberis cretica L. (z8)
Deciduous shrub with black-red fruits.

Berberis darwinii   Hook. (z7)
Beautiful evergreen species from Chile. Flowers gold-yellow in April-May.

Berberis empetrifolia   Lam. (z7)
Evergreen shrub with linear leaves and low growth. Flowers gold-yellow.

Berberis fendleri A. Gray (z5)
Upright shrub with nice red berries in autumn. The leaves turn into bright red in autumn.

Berberis kawakamii var. formosana Ahrendt (z7)
Evergreen Barberry from Taiwan. Fruits dark-blue.

Berberis lycium Royle (z6)
Semi-evergreen shrub with golden-yellow flowers in long racemes.

Berberis microphylla G. Forst. (z8)
Shrub from Chile. Fruits black-blue.

Berberis montana Gay (z6)
Deciduous shrub with nice flowers, yellow with light orange. Fruits black.

Berberis nevinii A. Gray ex A. Gray & S. Watson (z7)
(syn.: Mahonia nevinii). Looks very like Berberis fremontii, but the leaves are more bluish.

Berberis nummularia Bunge (z7)
Deciduous shrub with red berries.

Berberis sibirica   Pall. (z3)
Small Berberis, about 50cm. high, with bluish-green leaves.

Berberis thunbergii 'Pink Attraction'   (z5)
Selection from Berberis thunbergii 'Atropurpurea'; the first growth is purple-red; after that, when pruned in spring, the new growth is flaming yellow-red; later the leaves will be pink variegated at the end of the growth. Very beautiful.

Berberis wilsoniae var. subcaulialata (C.K. Schneid.) C.K. Schneid. (z8)
Small deciduous shrub with yellow-red fruits in autumn.

Berchemia yunnanensis Franch. (z7)
Deciduous shrub. Unconspicuous flowers in July-August, but the red fruits are ripen in April-May of the next year.

Betula chichibuensis   H. Hara (z7)
Very rare Birch from Japan.

Betula chinensis   Maxim. (z4)
Rare shrub-like Birch from China.

Betula occidentalis   Hook. (z5)
Tree-like shrub with a black-brown trunk native in western North America.

Bischofia polycarpa (H. Lév.) Airy Shaw (z9)
Shrub from China; the leaves three parted.

Blepharocalyx cruckshanksii (Hook. & Arn.) Niedenzu (z8)
Evergreen shrub from the myrtle-family. The white flowers will be followed by violet-black berries.

Bowkeria cymosa   MacOwan (z8?)
Shrub from South-Africa. The white flowers resembling Calceolaria.

Broussonetia kazinoki   Sieb. (z7)
Very rare Papermulberry. The lilac florescences are male or female; the latter grow out to blackberry-like orange-yellow fruits. Shrub to 2m. or a little tree.

Broussonetia papyrifera   (L.) L'Hér. ex Vent. (z6-8)
Deciduous tree; leaves 3-lobed on young shoots. Female plants have beautiful orange fruits, only when a male plant is around.

Broussonetia papyrifera 'Billardii'   (z7)
Leaves very indented, only the vein with a remnant of the leaf at the tip. Curious.

Broussonetia papyrifera 'Laciniata'   (z7)
Small shrublet with only a little remnant of the leaf on the tip of the veins. Hardy.

Buddleja colvilei Hook. f. (z8)
Shrub with carmine-red or pink flowers in long panicles.

Buddleja farreri   Balf. f. & W.W. Sm. (z8)
The young leaves of this shrub are very nice white tomentose. The 20cm. long lilac-pink flower-panicles grow on previous year's wood.

Buddleja macrostachya   Benth. (z8?)
Shrub to small tree. The young branches are 4-winged. The long panicles, soft pink to dark lilac, grow from May to September.

Buddleja salviifolia   (L.) Lam. (z8)
The shape of the leaves of this Buddleja remember you to Salvia. Flowers lilac in July.

Buddleja stenostachya   Rehd. & Wils. (z7)
Deciduous shrub to 2m. high; the leaves are white woolly beneath. The lilac panicles can grow up to 40cm. long.

Bupleurum fruticosum   L. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with bluish-green leaves and green-yellow flowers in July-August.

Bupleurum spinosum   Gouan (z7)
Shrublet with blue-green leaves and flowers in small yellow-green umbels. The old umbels persist several years and are prickly.

Buxus balearica   Lam. (z7)
Nice dark-green Buxus. Grows slow to 1m. in about 10 years.

Buxus bodinieri   H. Lév. (z7)
This low Boxwood has light green leaves. After 10 years still no 50 cm.

Buxus microphylla 'Golden Triumph' PBR  
This new cv. is found as a sport in Buxus microphylla 'Faulkner'. The leaves are yellow variegated and shining. The growth is like Buxus microphylla 'Faulkner'. A very attractive selection!
(Protected by Plant Breeders' Rights).   more information

Caesalpinia gilliesii   (Hook.) D. Dietr. (z8)
Deciduous shrub often used as tub-plant; flowers gold-yellow with scarlet-red anthers.

Caesalpinia spinosa (Molina) Kuntze (z9)
Deciduous thorny shrub, flowering with orange-yellow flowers in summer.

Calceolaria alba   Ruiz & Pav.
Very attractive shrubby Slipperwort with racemes of white flowers in spring and summer.

Callicarpa acuminata Kunth (z9)
Shrub from the South of the USA and Mexico. The berries are very dark purple. Not hardy in the Netherlands.

Callicarpa americana   L. (z8)
Deciduous shrub with small light violet flowers in June-July, followed by shining lilac berries.

Callicarpa americana 'Lactea' (z8)
The fruits of this selection are white.

Callicarpa cathayana   C.H. Chang. (z7)
Big deciduous shrub with grey pubescent leaves; flowers in axillary cymes, pinkish; berries soft lilac.

Callicarpa dichotoma   (Lour.) K. Koch. (z6)
Compact shrub. Fruits lilac-violet, 3-4mm. Ø.

Callicarpa formosana   Rolfe (z8?)
Evergreen shrub from Taiwan. Flowers pink and the fruits are deep purple.

Callicarpa japonica f. albibaccata   H. Hare
Deciduous shrub with small white berries.

Callicarpa japonica 'Leucocarpa'   (z6)
Deciduous shrub to 1.5m. high. The fruits of this shrub are white; the leaves are light green.

Callicarpa japonica var. angustata Rehder (z6)
The leaves of this deciduous shrub turn into a beautiful purple.

Callicarpa kwangtungensis   Chun (z7)
Striking shrub with a slow growth; the leaves are purple tinted. Whitish flowers in September.

Callicarpa yunnanensis   W.Z. Fang (z7)
Very rare species from China.

Callistemon sieberi DC. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with greenish-yellow flowers.

Calycanthus floridus   L. (z5)
Deciduous shrub with aromatic bark; many red-brown flowers, 4-5cm. wide in May-June and any on new growth in summer. Yellow autumncolour.

Calycanthus floridus 'Athens'   (z5)
The colour of the flowers of this shrub are greenish-yellow. The scent of the flowers is like vanilla. Very special.

Calycanthus floridus 'Michael Lindsay'   (z5)
New selection from the USA. Slow growing and the flowers are dark red.

Calycanthus floridus 'Purpureus'   (z5)
Like the species but with purple leaves particularly when young; autumncolour orange-yellow.

Calycanthus occidentalis   Hook. & Arn. (z7)
Deciduous shrub with big (to 20cm. long) green leaves; few flowers dark red in summer.

Calycanthus 'Venus'   (z5)
This new white flowering selection is a cross between (Sino)calycanthus chinensis and Calycanthus occidentalis. The plant will not grow very fast and should be about 1.50m. tall and wide.

Camellia sasanqua   Thunb. (z7)
Evergreen shrub. Flowers in late autumn and early winter with pink flowers.

Camptotheca acuminata   Decne. (z8)
Unknown tree from China; family of the Nyssa.

Campylotropis macrocarpa   (Bunge) Rehder (z5)
Deciduous shrub only 1m. high; flowers purple and white on long racemes in autumn, like Lespedeza thunbergii, but the plant is yet hardier.

Caragana microphylla   Lam. (z2)
Deciduous shrub to 2m. high; leaves pinnate, grey-green; flowers yellow in May-June.

#VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! Caragana tragacanthoides   (Pall.) Poir. (z4)
Low shrub with grey-green leaflets. Flowers yellow, in May.

Cardiandra formosana   Hayata (z8)
Shrub from Taiwan. The flowers in corymbs are blue.

Carica quercifolia   (A.St. Hil.) Hieron. (z8?)
Tall deciduous "herbaceous" tree. Older plants can be covered by orange fruits.

Carmichaelia appressa   G. Simpson (z7)
Prostrate shrublet with stiff branches, the small leaves quick abscising.

Carmichaelia enysii   Kirk. (z7)
Leafless shrub to 30cm. high; flowers violet in June. In some parts of The Netherlands hardy, on dry sandy places.

Carpenteria californica   Torr. (z8)
Evergreen shrub, only for sheltered places. White flowers about 5-7cm. wide, from June to August.

Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth'   (z8)
Selection of the species. The leaves are narrower and darker green.

Carpenteria californica 'Ladham's Variety'   (z8)
New selection with big white flowers.

Carpinus cordata Blume (z6)
Slow growing small tree with nice veined leaves.

Carpinus fangiana   Hu (z6)
Very rare tree with long leaves and to 45cm. long tail-like clusters of seeds.

Carpinus fargesii   Franch. (z6)
Rare small tree from China. Fruit-catkins to 15cm. long.

Carpinus henryana   (H.J.P. Winkl.) H.J.P. Winkl. (z5)
Fastgrowing Hornbeam from Central China.

Carpinus japonica Blume (z5)
This Carpinus from Japan has very beautiful leaves.

Carpinus kawakamii Hayata (z8)
Rare Hornbeam from Taiwan.

Carrierea calycina Franch. (z8)
Very rare shrub or tree from southern China. The apart flowers are cream-white in summer.

Caryopteris divaricata   Maxim. (z7)
A shrubby perennial, native to Japan; from July to October this member of the Verbenaceae-family is covered with blue flowers. With its bright blue flowers and very long reflexed stamens, these Caryopteris flowers are reminiscent of another member of the Verbenaceae-family: Clerodendrum myricoides 'Ugandense', native to tropical West Africa.
Caryopteris divaricata is hardy.

Caryopteris divaricata 'Electrum'   (z7)
White variegated leaves, blue flowers.

Caryopteris mongholica   Bunge (z7)
Greygreen leaved shrub. Flowers bright blue in August-September.

Catalpa bignonioides Walt. (z5)
Nice tree with a wide crown. The white flowers appear in June-July, later followed by to 35cm. long fruits, which are long lasting in winter.

Catalpa erubescens 'Purpurea'  
The leaves of this selection are purple.

Catalpa fargesii f. duclouxii   (Dode) Gilmour (z6)
Deciduous tree with violet flowers in June; becomes very long fruits, 60-80cm.

Catalpa ovata   G. Don. (z5)
Deciduous tree, broad crowned and with big leaves. Bright yellow flowers in 10-25cm. long panicles, in July; fruit capsules 20-30cm. long.

Catalpa speciosa 'Pulverulenta'   (z5)
The leaves of this selection are densely white punctated.

Catalpa szechuanica   (z6)
Very rare Catalpa from China. Flowers white in May/June.

Cathaya argyrophylla   Chun & Kuang (z7)
Unknown conifer from China. Very rare.

Celtis australis   L. (z6)
Good street tree from South Europe.

Celtis biondii   Pamp. (z5)
Small deciduous tree with orange fruits. The leaves on young plants very attractive.

Celtis caucasica Willd. (z6)
Deciduous tree from the Caucasus.

Celtis jessoensis Koidz. (z6)
Little known tree from Korea and Japan.

Celtis julianae C.K. Schneid. (z8)
Little known shrub and not so hardy in the Netherlands.

Celtis koraiensis   Nakai (z5)
The leaves of this small tree or big shrub are strikingly serrated at the top.

Celtis mississippiensis Bosc (z7)
Rare small tree from the USA.

Celtis occidentalis L. (z5)
Very useful street tree; no disease and insect problems. From North America.

Celtis pallida Torr. (z8?)
Half evergreen shrub with thorny branches.

Celtis reticulata Torr. (z6)
Small tree, often shrubby from southwestern USA.

Celtis sinensis Pers. (z6)
Deciduous tree from eastern Asia.

Celtis spinosa Spreng. (z8?)
Thorny shrub or small tree. Not hardy in the Netherlands.

Celtis tenuifolia Nutt. (z6)
Shrub from southeastern USA.

Cephalanthus occidentalis   L. (z5)
Deciduous shrub with round inflorescences in the middle of summer.

Cephalotaxus wilsoniana   Hayata (z8)
Rare conifer from Taiwan.

Ceratonia siliqua   L. (z8)
Little evergreen tree with dark green even pinnate leaves.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Boyd's Dwarf' (z5)
Selection with a compact growth.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Chameleon'   (z5)
New selection with variegated leaves. First yellowish, later white marginated and irregular leaves.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Pendulum'   (z5)
Very attractive growing with pendulous branches, especially when grafted on a low rootstock.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Rotfuchs'   (z5)
Very fine selection with dark red leaves; in summer becoming green-red.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Ruby' (z5)
The new growth of this selection is nice red.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Tidal Wave'   (z5)
The branches of this weeping form grow wider than Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Pendulum'.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum var. sinense Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z6)
The Chinees form of Cercidiphyllum japonicum.

Cercidiphyllum magnificum   (Nakai) Nakai (z6)
Deciduous big shrub with orange coloured young branches and reddish leaves; leaves more rounded than Cercidiphyllum japonicum.

Cercis canadensis   L. (z5)
Beautiful tree or big shrub with light pink pea-flowers in April-May.

Cercis chinensis 'Avondale'   (z7)
Very rich flowering selection.

Cercis gigantea   W.C. Cheng & Keng f. (z7)
Fast growing species with big leaves.

Cercis glabra Pamp. (z8)
Small tree from China. Small racemes of purple-pink flowers, in April.

Cercis griffithii Boiss. (z6)
This very rare Cercis from Afghanistan looks like Cercis siliquastrum.

Cercis reniformis   A. Gray (z8)
Redbud from the South of the USA; the racemes pink flowers appear in early spring.

Cercocarpus betuloides   Nutt. (z7)
Half wintergreen shrub with small leaves; flowers inconspicuous, fruits with a 5-10cm. long tail.

Cercocarpus montanus   Raf. (z6)
Shrub, more hardy than Cercocarpus betuloides.

Cestrum x cultum 'Cretan Purple'   (z8)
Evergreen shrub with purple flowers in May-June.

Chamaebatiaria millefolium   (Torr.) Maxim. (z8)
Aromatic deciduous shrub with striking pinnate leaves. Panicles white flowers in July-August. Plant for dry and very sheltered places.

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'White Flags'   (z6)
Selection with cream-white "flags" and speckles.

Chamaecytisus pygmaeus   (Willd.) Rothm. (z7)
Dwarf broom with big yellow flowers in spring.

Chamaedaphne calyculata 'Angustifolia'   (z2)
Very hardy evergreen shrub with small white flowers in racemes, April-May.

Chamaerops humilis   L. (z8)
Evergreen dwarf palm. Leaves fan-shaped. Tub-plant at places that are not frostfree.

Chilopsis linearis   (Cav.) Sweet (z8)
Nice shrub with linear leaves; flowers and fruits like Catalpa. Not hardy enough in The Netherlands. One of the parents of the hybrid Chitalpa tashkentensis.

Chimonanthus nitens   Oliv. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with nearly white flowers in October-November.

Chimonanthus praecox   (L.) Link. (z7)
Winter flowering deciduous shrub; flowers yellow with a dark spot on the innerside of the petals, from January to March. Very fragrant.

Chimonanthus praecox 'Concolor'   (z7)
The colour of the flowers of this selection is bright yellow and without purple at the inside.

Chimonanthus praecox 'Grandiflorus'   (z7)
The flowers of this selection have twice the size of the species.

Chimonanthus salicifolius   S.Y. Hu (z8)
Looks like Chimonanthus nitens, but the leaves are longer and flowers 2 weeks later.

Chimonanthus yunnanensis W.W. Sm. (z8)
Looks very like Chimonanthus praecox.

Chionanthus retusus   Lindl. & Paxton (z6)
Deciduous shrub with an interesting bark; very beautiful flowering on the top of the new growth, in erect panicles, in June; white.

Chionanthus retusus 'Botanica's Beauty' (z6)
Already flowering at a young age. The white petals are broader then by the species.

Chionanthus virginicus   L. (z6)
Tall deciduous shrub with big (to 20cm. long) leaves; flowers in pendulous panicles to 20cm. long in June, when the leaves are budding.

Chitalpa tashkentensis 'Minsum' [Summer Bells] (z7)
Easy flowering selection. Pink flowers during summer.

Chitalpa tashkentensis   T.S. Elias & Wisura (z7)
Hybrid between Chilopsis linearis and Catalpa bignonioides. Deciduous shrub with lanceolate leaves; flowers in June-July, pink.

Chitalpa tashkentensis 'Pink Dawn'   (z7)
Selection with darker pink flowers.

Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'   (z7)
Evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves; white flowers in May-June. Hardy.

Chordospartium stevensonii   Cheeseman (z8)
Leafless Broom-like shrub with pendulous branches from New-Zealand. Lavender-pink flowers in pendulous racemes. Very rare.

Chosenia arbutifolia (Pall.) A.K. Skvortsov (z6)
Very rare Willow-like tree.

Cladrastis kentukea   (Dum. Cours.) Rudd (z3)
(syn.: Cladrastis lutea)
Deciduous shrub or tree with pinnate leaves and flowering with white flowers in pendulous racemes in May-June.

Cladrastis sinensis   Hemsl. (z6)
Rare tree from China; the flowers are reddish-white.

Clematis 'China Purple' (z5)
Subshrub with dark purple flowers.

Clematis douglasii var. scottii   (Porter) R.O. Erickson (z6)

Clematis marmoraria   Sneddon (z8)
Very slow growing Clematis from New Zealand with dark green curly leaves. The flowers are white in May.

Clerodendrum bungei   Steud. (z8)
Deciduous suckering shrub with scented leaves and nice pink flowerheads. Dies back in severe winters, but the next year it will grow up from the rootstock.

Clerodendrum trichotomum   Thunb. (z6)
A deciduous big shrub with heart-shaped leaves, flowering with 20cm. wide cymes in August-September; corolla white, calyx reddish later becomming fleshy with a dark blue to black fruit. The clone we offer is very hardy (till -20° C.) and resists very good autumn night-frost.

Clerodendrum trichotomum 'Carnival'   (z6)
A selection of Clerodendrum trichotomum with bright white-variegated leaves. Very handsome.

Clerodendrum trichotomum 'Purple Blaze'   (z6)
The growing tip of this selection is purple.

Clerodendrum trichotomum 'Shiro' (z7)
The calyx of this Cv. turns to white with a dark-blue fruit.

Clerodendrum trichotomum var. fargesii   (Dode) Rehd. (z6)
Big shrub with smaller and less heart-shaped leaves than the species. Calyx greenish, not red, later becomming pink and the fruit light blue. Less hardy when young.

Clethra acuminata   Michx. (z6)
Shrub to 3m.; flower racemes to 20cm. long, white, in July-August.

Clethra alnifolia 'Anne Bidwell'   (z6)
This selection flowers later than the species; white flowers in big branched panicles.

Clethra alnifolia 'Creel's Calico'   (z6)
The leaves of this selection are white spotted and speckled. The racemes of white flowers are to 30cm. long.

Clethra alnifolia 'Fern Valley Pink'   (z6)
A beautiful pink flowering selection in the same time as the species; flower-spikes horizontal.

Clethra alnifolia 'Hokie Pink'   (z6)
Selection with pink flowers.

Clethra alnifolia 'Hummingbird' (z6)
This cv. has a dense mounded habit and fragrant white flowers in mid-summer.

Clethra alnifolia 'Pink Spire' (z5)
Flowers light pink in August.

Clethra alnifolia 'Rosea' (z6)
One of the oldest light pink flowering selections.

Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice'   (z6)
A fine selection with beautiful dark pink flower-racemes in summer. Yet the darkest flowering selection.

Clethra alnifolia 'September Beauty'   (z6)
This selection has white-flower racemes late summer.

Clethra barbinervis   Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
Shrub with a good yellow autumncolour and long racemes of fragrant white flowers.

Clethra cavaleriei H. Lév. (z7)
Very rare species from China.

Clethra delavayi   Franch. (z7)
This is the most beautiful species of the genus with long many-flowered racemes and white flowers in July-August.

Clethra fargesii   Franch. (z6)
In July-August flowering species with attractive clusters of terminal racemes of white flowers.

Clethra pringlei   S. Watson (z8)
Evergreen species. In August-September greenish-white flowers.

Clethra tomentosa   Lam. (z6)
The leaves of this shrub are densely grey tomentose; flowering one month later than Clethra alnifolia.

Clethra tomentosa 'Cottondale'   (z7)
Very special selection with flower-racemes up to 50cm. long. The flowers are white.

Cneorum tricoccon   L. (z8)
Small evergreen shrub to 50cm. height. Yellow flowers in May-June; in autumn with trilobate red fruits.

Cocculus carolinus (L.) DC. (z7)
Deciduous vine from USA. Inconspicuous flowers and red fruits.

Cocculus laurifolius   DC. (z8)
Evergreen shrub. The dark green lanceolate leaves are 3 veined. The black berries like small peas.

Cocculus trilobus (Thunb.) DC. (z7)
Vine from eastern Asia. The leaves are some lobed. Fruits blue-black.

Codonopsis ovata   Benth.
Shrublet with light blue flowers during summer.

Colletia cruciata   Gillies & Hook. (z7?-8)
A curious shrub with big triangular crosswise-placed spines; white flowering in late autumn and winter. A choice for dry places.

Colletia ulicina Gillies & Hook. (z8)
Thorny shrub from Chile. Reddish flowers.

Colutea armena   Boiss. & A. Huet (z7)
Rare shrub from the Caucasus

Colutea cilicica   Boiss. & Balansa (z7)
Rare Colutea from Asia Minor and Caucasus; yellow flowers in June-July.

Colutea media 'Copper Beauty'

Colutea persica var. buhsei   Boiss. (z7)
Deciduous shrub with yellow flowers in July-August, followed by inflated fruits.

Comptonia peregrina   (L.) Coult. (z2)
Deciduous low shrub with fern-like leaves; all parts aromatic; flowers inconspicuous.

Corallospartium crassicaule   (Hook. f.) J. Armstr. (z7)
Leafless shrublet with a bizarre growth. The thick branches are stiff and upright. The cream-white flowers grow in clusters. Nearly hardy in The Netherlands.

Cordia serratifolia   Kunth (z9)
Rare tree from Mexico.

Coriaria japonica   A. Gray (z7)
Deciduous subshrub to 1.5m. height; fruits bright red at first, later violet-black.

Coriaria ruscifolia   L. (z8)
Rare subshrub.

Coriaria terminalis var. xanthocarpa   Rehd. & Wils. (z7)
Very beautiful subshrub; the shining yellow racemes of fruits are very attractive.

Cornus alternifolia 'Argentea'   (z3)
Selection with white variegated leaves. Slow growth.

Cornus alternifolia 'Brunette'   (z3)
New slow growing selection. The margin of the green leaves is light green. The branchtip is reddish.

Cornus alternifolia 'Goldfinch'   (z3)
A mutation of Cornus alternifolia 'Illusion'. The leaves are cream to yellow variegated. Height to about 2m.

Cornus alternifolia 'Illusion'   (z3)
This selection from seedlings of the normal Cornus alternifolia has yellow blotched and speckled leaves. A strong growing selection to 2,5-3m.

Cornus angustata (Chun) T.R. Dudley (z8)
Evergreen shrub or small tree. Looks like Cornus capitata. White flowers in June.

Cornus asperifolia Michx. (z7)
Deciduous shrub from eastern USA. Fruits white.

Cornus brachypoda C.A. Mey. (z6)
Rare Cornus from China.

Cornus bretschneideri L. Henry (z5)
Big shrub with wide cymes of cream-white flowers in June. Fruits blue-black.

Cornus capitata Wall. (z8)
Tall evergreen shrub. Flower-bracts sulfur-yellow.

Cornus controversa 'Candlelight'   (z5-6)
Selection with yellow leaves in spring; after that the yellow leaves burning, but quickly they will grow out green like the species. Late summer, in September the young new growth will be yellow again, like burning candles on the branches; that's why the name is "Candlelight".

Cornus darvasica (Pojark.) Pilip. (z5)
Slow growing shrub. Flowers white.

Cornus drummondii C.A. Mey. (z7)
Flowers white.

Cornus drummondii 'Yellow Blaze' (z7)
When the young leaves grow in spring they are bright yellow. Later in summer the leaves are light green. Nice new selection.

Cornus florida 'Sunset'   (z5-6)
Gold variegated leaves and a beautiful red autumncolour.

Cornus foemina Mill. (z6)
Deciduous shrub with striking blue fruits.

Cornus glabrata Benth. (z6)
Fruits white to light blue.

Cornus hemsleyi C.K. Schneid. & Wangerin (z6)
Shrub from China. Fruits black-blue.

Cornus iberica Woronow (z6)
Rare Cornus from the Caucasus.

Cornus kousa   F. Buerger ex Hance (z5)
This tall deciduous shrub has strawberry-like fruits, after flowering in June; white flowers.

Cornus macrophylla   Wall. (z6)
This rare Cornus with big leaves grows tree-like. The yellowish-white flowers in wide cymes in July-August.

Cornus mas 'Variegata'   (z5)
The flowers in February-March are yellow. The leaves have a white border.

Cornus obliqua Raf. (z4)
Fruits of this shrub from north-eastern USA dull blue.

Cornus officinalis   Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
This deciduous large shrub has an attractive peeling bark and a rich yellow flowering on the leafless branches in February-March; red fruits in summer.

Cornus paucinervis Hance (z5)
Very rare shrub from China. The leaves have only any vein pairs.

Cornus poliophylla C.K. Schneid. & Wangerin (z7)
The fruits of this Asian shrub are black.

Cornus pumila   Koehne (z5)
A densely branched, slow growing shrub; flowers in cymes in July, white; fruits black.

Cornus racemosa   Lam. (z5)
Rare Dogwood. This deciduous shrub has white fruits on a red peduncle.

Cornus sanguinea 'Compressa'   (z5)
Dwarf form with an erect growth; small leaved.

Cornus sericea 'Baileyi' (z5)
Fruits white.

Cornus sessilis Torr. (z7-8)
Deciduous shrub from California. Flowers like Cornus mas, yellow. Later followed by red fruits becoming black, glossy.

Cornus torreyi S. Watson (z7)
Unknown shrub from the western of the USA.

Cornus wilsoniana   Wangerin (z8)
Rare Cornus from China.

Corokia virgata 'Yellow Wonder'   (z8)
Evergreen big shrub with grey-green leaves and yellow flowers in May; followed by yellow translucent berries. Only for sheltered places.

Correa backhousiana   Hook. (z8)
Evergreen shrub from Tasmania. Nice greenish-yellow flowers in April-May.

Corylus chinensis Franch. (z6)
Shrub or tree from China.

Corynocarpus laevigata J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. (z9)
Not hardy tree with leathery, dark green leaves; white flowers in erect panicles.

Cotinus coggygria 'Kanari'   (z5)
New selection with a gold-yellow autumncolour and a nearly white flower-plumes.

Cotinus coggygria 'Old Fashioned' PBR   (z5)  new
New selection! This is a nice plant with purple-coloured new growth, later becomming bluish-green with purple petioles. In autumn colouring into beautiful old-pink. The branches are bold and the plant is fast growing.
A welcome addition in the Cotinus assortment.
more information

Cotinus coggygria 'Pink Champagne'   (z5)
This green leaved Cotinus has a rich pink autumncolour.

Cotinus coggygria 'Purpureus'   (z5)
The leaves of this variety are green, but the fruit-clouds are pink.

Cotinus coggygria 'Red Beauty'   (z5)
The big round leaves are translucent red.

Cotinus coggygria 'Rubrifolius'   (z5)
The young leaves of this selection are red; older leaves are greenish red. Very beautiful orange-red autumncolour.

Cotinus coggygria var. cinereus   Engl. (z5)
This variety of the normal Cotinus coggygria comes from northern China. The leaves are slightly hairy.

Cotinus coggygria 'Velvet Cloak'   (z5)
The ovate leaves of this cv. are very dark purple-red, darker than Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'.

Cotinus coggygria 'Young Lady' PBR   (z5)
This beautiful selection, found at our nursery, already flowers as a young plant; when older plants are pruned in spring, the flower-plumes will be very big in summer. Good to use for floriculture. (Protected by Plant Breeders' Rights) more information

Cotinus 'Flame'   (z5)
(syn.: Cotinus coggygria 'Flame')
The best selection for a brilliant orange-red autumncolour.

Cotinus 'Grace'   (z5)
This cv. seems a hybrid between Cotinus coggygria and Cotinus obovatus. The large obovate leaves are translucent red when young, later they become green-red.

Cotinus obovatus   Raf. (z4)
This rare species comes from South-East USA. The big leaves are obovate and give a brilliant flame of orange to yellow in autumn.

Cotoneaster chengkangensis T.T. Yu (z7?)
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster elatus G. Klotz
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster elegans (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) Flinck & B. Hylmö
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster erratus J. Fryer & B. Hylmö
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster fangianus T.T. Yu
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster flinckii J. Fryer & B. Hylmö
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster gamblei G. Klotz
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster glabratus Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z7)
Evergreen shrub with light red berries.

Cotoneaster ignotus G. Klotz (z6)
Upright shrub with black fruits.

Cotoneaster naoujanensis J. Fryer & B. Hylmö
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster racemiflorus ssp. nummularius Lindl. (z5)
Deciduous shrub with light red berries.

Cotoneaster rehderi   Pojark.
The flowers of this to 5m. tall shrub are pink; red fruits.

Cotoneaster rhytidophyllus Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z7)
Semi-evergreen shrub with orange-red berries.

Cotoneaster rokujodaisanensis Hayata
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster rubens W.W. Sm. (z7)
Semi-deciduous shrub with red flowers and red fruits.

Cotoneaster schubertii Klotz
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster sikangensis Flinck & Hylmoe (z5)
Shrub with elliptic leaves and big teardrop shaped orange-red fruits.

Cotoneaster silvestrii Pamp.
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster soongoricus   (Regel) Popov (z3)
Very hardy shrub from north-eastern China. Fruits red.

Cotoneaster teijiashanensis J. Fryer & B. Hylmö
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster tengyuehensis J. Fryer & B. Hylmö
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster thimphuensis J. Fryer & B. Hylmö
Rare shrub.

Cotoneaster uniflorus   Bunge (z5)
Low shrub with purple-red fruits in autumn.

Cotoneaster wilsonii Nakai
Rare shrub.

Crataegus monogyna 'Compacta'   (z6)
Little shrub with thick branches, thornless. White flowers in spring.

Crataegus phaenopyrum   (L.f.) Medik. (z5)
This species resists bacterium-fire and grows like a little tree to 10m. height. The autumncolour is from green to red and yellow over a long time. The small fruits are scarlet.

Crinodendron hookerianum   Gay (z8)
Evergreen shrub from Chile. The dark-red flowers hang on 5cm. long stalks; flowering in May. Beautiful shrub with striking lantarn-like flowers. Only for sheltered places.

Crinodendron patagua   Molina (z7)
This evergreen shrub is more hardy than Crinodendron hookerianum, but less exuberant; the flowers are whitish and appear in autumn and winter.

Cudrania cochinchinensis   (Lour.) Yakuro Kudo & Masam. (z8?)
(Half)evergreen shrub from Taiwan. Fruits orange.

Cudrania pubescens   Trécul (z8?)
Evergreen spiny shrub from south-eastern China and Birma. Orange-red fruits.

Cudrania tricuspidata   (Carr.) Bureau ex Lavallée (z6-7)
Deciduous tree with prickly branches; the leaves often have 3 lobes.

Cyathodes colensoi   (Hook. f.) Hook. f. (z8)
Heather-like shrub with small blue-green leaves; flowers in short racemes, fruits white or pink to carmine.

Cydonia oblonga   Mill. (z5)
Deciduous little tree to 6m. height. Flowers white to pale pink in May-June; in autumn big gold-yellow fragrant fruits.

Cyrilla racemiflora   L. (z6)
Half-wintergreen small shrub, with an orange-red autumncolour. Small white flowers in June-July on 10-15cm. long racemes.

Cytisus hirsutus   L. (z6)

Cytisus multiflorus   (L'Her.) Sweet (z7)
Very free flowering shrub with white flowers in May.

Cytisus sessilifolius   L. (z7)
Elegant shrub with sessile leaves on flowering branches. Bright yellow flowers on short racemes.

Cytisus supranubius (L. f.) Kuntz. (z9)
Stiff upright shrub from the Canary Islands. Flowerheads milk-white in May.

Dalbergia hupeana   Hance (z8)
Rare tree from China.

Danae racemosa   (L.) Moench. (z7)
Evergreen shrub to 1m. height with green branches. Flowers in June on the end of the branches, later followed by orange-red berries.

Daphne blagayana   Freyer (z6)
Evergreen prostrate shrublet with white flowers in April-May.

Daphne cneorum var. arbusculoides   (Tuzson) Soó (z5)
Small evergreen shrublet with pink flowers in May. Grows more upright than Daphne cneorum.

Daphne laureola   L. (z7)
Evergreen small shrub with light yellow flowers in March; after flowering the black berries will grow. The fruits are poisonous!

Daphniphyllum calycinum   Benth. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with big leaves; the best growing in a wooded area.

Daphniphyllum himalense var. macropodum   (Miq.) T.C. Huang (z7)
Tall evergreen shrub with a Rhododendron appearance, but without the beautiful flowers.

Daphniphyllum teijsmannii   Kurz ex Teijsm. & Binn. (z8?)
Very rare species from Japan.

Debregeasia edulis   (Siebold & Zucc.) Wedd. (z8)
Rare, scarcely hardy, fastgrowing shrub of the same family of the Stinging Nettle. The brown-beige flowerbuds occur on the branches in autumn; flowers in March-April with small white flowers. More curious than beautiful.

Decaisnea fargesii   Franch. (z6)
Deciduous shrub with thick branches and big buds. Racemes of greenish flowers in spring; the upper male, the lower female, later followed by big broad bean-like blue fruits; large bluish-green pinnate leaves.

Decumaria barbara   L. (z7)
Half-wintergreen climbing shrub with panicles of fragrant white flowers.

Decumaria barbara 'Vicki' (z7)
Near like the species.

Decumaria sinensis   Oliver (z8)
This Decumaria from China is evergreen with dark green oblong leaves. Flowers in May, first greenish later white.

Dendromecon harfordii   Kellog (z9)
The Papaver-like yellow flowers of this evergreen shrub are ca. 7cm. wide.

Dendromecon rigida   Benth. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with grey leathery leaves; the golden-yellow flowers (ca. 6cm.) will be produced over a long period.

Dendropanax japonicus   (Jungh.) Seem (z9)
Evergreen shrub from southeastern Asia. The young plants have 3-5 lobed leaves, older plants only ovate. Fruits black.

Desmodium canadense   (L.) DC. (z2)
Shrub-like perennial from North America. Dark pink flowers in panicles at the branches tips, in summer .

Desmodium tiliifolium   (D. Don) G. Don (z6)
New growth of this kindly shrub is translucent light green; shows long panicles (20-30cm.) of pale lilac flowers at the end of the summer, after that forming straw-coloured plums of seedpods.

Deutzia aff. hypoglauca Rehder (z6)
Deciduous shrub with relative big white flowers in May.

Deutzia pulchra   S. Vidal (z8)
Tall shrub with 20cm. long panicles of white flowers. Nearly hardy in The Netherlands.

Deutzia setchuenensis var. corymbiflora   (É. Lemoine ex André) Rehder (z6)
Deciduous shrub with beautiful white flowers in big panicles; the panicles staying ornamental after flowering for a long time.

Dichotomanthes tristaniicarpa   Kurz (z7)
Rare shrub from China, looking like an upright Cotoneaster.

Diospyros austroafricana   De Winter (z8?)
Evergreen shrub or small tree from South-Africa. On female plants can occur 1,5cm. wide fruits.

Diospyros cathayensis   Steward (z8)
Rare small tree from China. The orange fruits are acorn-like.

Diospyros duclouxii   Dodo (z7)
Deciduous shrub; looks very like Diospyros lotus.

Diospyros grandiflora Wall. ex Foigt. (z7?)
This species looks very like Diospyros lotus.

Diospyros japonica Siebold & Zucc. (z7)
Looks very like Diospyros lotus, but the calyx much smaller. Orange-yellow fruits about 2cm.

Diospyros lotus   L. (z5)
The "Date Plum" is a big tree, with 1.5-2cm. wide fruits which have a bad taste.

Diospyros lycioides   Desf. (z9)
Shrub from southern Africa. Fruits reddish.

Diospyros rhombifolia   Hemsl. (z9)
Rare shrub from China and Japan. After flowering with small white urn-shaped flowers the orange-red fruits will grow. Only for frostfree places.

Diospyros virginiana   L. (z5)
The "Commen Persimmon" is native to North America; this big deciduous tree gives edible orange fruits of about 3cm. wide.

Dipelta floribunda   Maxim. (z6)
A choice plant of great garden merit. In late spring the white flowers with an orange-yellow throat will be produced in great profusion.

Dipelta ventricosa   Hemsl. (z6)
Also a choice plant, the stems with long shredding bark and the flowers purple outside and orange inside. A beautiful shrub.

Dipelta yunnanensis   Franch. (z7)
This species is hairy on the young branches and the leaves. The flowers, white outside and orange inside, are looking like Dipelta floribunda. A very rare shrub and only a little tender than the other species.

Dipteronia sinensis   Oliv. (z7)
This relational of the Acer-family has big pinnate leaves; the seeds grow with two together like Acer, but the wings are rounded.

Disanthus cercidifolius   Maxim. (z6)
Rare genus of the Hamamelis-family. The plant looks like Cercidiphyllum japonicum; the leaves turn into a deep violet in autumn.

Discaria serratifolia Benth. & Hook.f. ex Mast. (z7)
This thorny shrub likes to grow in or near water. White flowers in summer.

Distylium myricoides   Hemsl. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with 4cm. long blue-green leaves. Flowers only many orange-red stamens. Attractive.

Distylium racemosum   Siebold & Zucc. (z7)
Evergreen shrub with glossy leaves en inconspicuous flowers with red anthers.

Dodonaea viscosa   Jacq. (z9)
Evergreen shrub to 6m. tall, but not hardy in The Netherlands.

Dorycnium pentaphyllum ssp. germanicum   (Gremli) Gams (z7)
Small shrublet with white flowers during summer.

Dorycnium rectum   (L.) Ser. (z7)
Subshrub with little white flowers in summer.

Drimys winteri J.R. Forst & G. Forst. (z8)
Evergreen shrub for the warmer climates; the nice white flowers scent as Jasmine.

Drimys winteri var. chilensis (DC.) A. Gray (z8)
The young leaves of this variety are bright green with a red peduncle.

Echinospartum horridum   (M. Vahl) Rothm. (z8)
Low shrub with grey-green branches and nice yellow flowers in June-July.

Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Grandiflora'   Lindl. (z8)
The flowers of this deciduous shrub are yellow with a hairy outside, in April.

Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Red Dragon'   (z8)
Selection with nice orange-red flowers in April.

Ehretia acuminata   R. Br. (z8)
Fast growing shrub or small tree. Beautiful panicles of white flowers in July, later followed by clusters of orange fruits.

Ehretia anacua   (Terán & Berland.) I.M. Johnst. (z8?)
Deciduous tree from southwestern USA.

Ehretia dicksonii   Hance (z7)
Rare tree with rough leaves. Has in August white panicles of flowers, followed by yellowish fruits.

Ehretia rigida   (Thunb.) Druce (z9)
Not hardy tree from southern Africa.

Ehretia thyrsiflora (Siebold & Zucc.) Nakai (z8)
Deciduous tree with attractive panicles of white flowers in August, later followed by orange fruits becoming black.

Elaeagnus umbellata var. rotundifolia Makino (z3)
Shrub with nice rounded leaves, lighter green than the species.

Elaeocarpus glabripetalus   Merr. (z9)
Evergreen shrub with special cream-white flowers in racemes.

Elaeocarpus sylvestris   (Lour.) Poir. (z9)
Nice evergreen shrub as tub-plant. Small panicles white flowers.

Eleutherococcus lasiogyne   (Harms) S.Y. Hu (z6)
Deciduous shrub with curved prickles on young plants. Older plants unarmed.

Eleutherococcus senticosus   (Rupr. & Maxim.) Maxim. (z5)
(syn.: Acanthopanax senticosus (Rupr. & Maxim.) Harms.)
Shrub with bristly stems; bright green leaves with 5 leaflets.

Eleutherococcus sieboldianus 'Variegatus'   (z5)
Shrub with nice cream-yellow variegated leaves.

Elliottia bracteata   (Maxim.) Benth. & Hook. f. (z6)
(syn.: Tripetaleia bracteata or Botryostege bracteata)
Deciduous low shrublet with small panicles of striking white flowers turning into reddish.

Elliottia paniculata   (Siebold & Zucc.) Benth. & Hook. f. (z6)
(syn.: Tripetaleia paniculata)
Deciduous small shrub with nice pinkish-white flowers in small panicles at the end of the branches; flowers from July to September.

Elsholtzia stauntonii   Benth. (z5)
Strong scented aromatic shrub with beautiful lilac-pink flowers in September.

Emmenopterys henryi   Oliv. (z7)
Very rare deciduous tree with yellow flowers and a big white calyx in June-July on older plants.

Enkianthus campanulatus   (Miq.) G. Nicholson (z5)
Nice shrub with reddish striped flowers in May.

Epacris 'White Spice'   (z8?)
Evergreen heather-like shrublet with small white flowers along the branchlets.

Ephedra americana   Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd. (z6)
Small shrub with bluish branches and red fruits in autumn.

Ephedra minima   K.S. Hao (z6)
Suckering shrublet with thin bluish branches, in autumn covered with red berries.

Epigaea gaultherioides   (Boiss. & Balansa) Takht. (z5)
Creeping shrub with pink flowers in April.

Epigaea repens   L. (z2)
Very hardy creeping shrublet with rather big leaves and nice light-pink flowers.

Eriobotrya deflexa   (Hemsl.) Nakai (z9)
Tubplant from China and Taiwan.

Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. (z9)
Evergreen shrub with white flowers in September, followed by pear-shaped edible fruits.

Eriolobus trilobatus   (Labill. ex Poir.) M. Roem. (z6)
The leaves of this deciduous tree has three lobes and turn into brilliant red in autumn. This Malus-related tree has white flowers in May, followed by 2cm. big red fruits.

Erythrina crista-galli L. (z9)
Tall thorny shrub. More than 50cm. of the branches can be covered by coral-red flowers.

Erythrina crista-galli 'Compacta'   L. (z9-8?)
Very attractive deciduous shrub for the cool greenhouse; the branches are covered with sharp thorns; the plant blooms in summer with long racemes of scarlet-red flowers. The form 'Compacta' flowers on one years growth.

Escallonia alpina Poepp. ex DC. (z7?-8)
Low shrub from the south of Chile.

Eucalyptus glaucescens   Maiden & Blakely (z8)
Beautiful evergreen tree with a smooth trunk, bluish-white. Small yellow flowers in August-September. Hardy enough for the Dutch winters.

Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. (z5)
Big tree with dark green leaves. Flowers inconspicuous; seeds yellowish, Ash-like.

Eucryphia x intermedia 'Rostrevor'   (z9)
Evergreen shrub with white flowers in September-October.

Nederlandse Plantencollectie (Dutch Plant Collection) - EUONYMUS
More information about subjoined Euonymus assortment.

Euonymus aculeolus   C.Y. Cheng ex J.S. Ma (z7)
(syn.: Euonymus vagans Hort.) Prostrate growth. Evergreen shrublet with nice leaves turning into yellow in the full sun. Flesh coloured flowers and red spined fruits.

Euonymus alatus   (Thunb.) Siebold (z3)
Deciduous, often a beautiful bright deep red autumncolour; the branches with corky wings; buds greyish. The bloom is rich but not striking; the fruits are greenish-red, one-seeded, but not conspicuous so they hang between the leaves; the orange aril is not vivid. (aril = cover of the seed)

Euonymus alatus 'Compactus'   (z3)
Like the species but with less cork on the young branches; the older branches and the trunk are black-warty with whitish lines. The buds are brown; the bud-scale revolute on the tip. The autumncolour is wine-red to scarlet-red. The fruits are purple-red and the aril is bright orange, so the fruits are more conspicuous than the species. This selection grows much faster than one might think.

Euonymus alatus 'Macrophyllus'   (z3)
Compact shrub with broad corky wings on their branches; the branches grow somewhat twisty. Autumncolour orange-red.

Euonymus alatus 'Nanus'   (z3)
Very compact Euonymus alatus, more than Euonymus alatus 'Compactus'. Red autumncolour.

Euonymus alatus 'Rudy Haag'   (z3)
Selection from the USA. Grows twice as wide as high. Red autumncolour.

Euonymus alatus 'Select'   (z3)
Selection from the USA with compact growth; very beautiful red autumncolour. Known in the USA under the trademark Fireball.

Euonymus alatus 'Silver Cloud'   (z3)
New selection with variegated leaves and a compact growth.

Euonymus alatus 'Timber Creek'   (z3)
Selection from the USA with a good red autumncolour. Upright growth. Known in the USA under the trademark Chicago Fire.

Euonymus alatus var. apterus   Regel (z3)
Like the species but without corky wings, smaller leaves and a slower growth. In our collection are differend types.

Euonymus alatus var. ciliatodentatus   Franch. en Sav. (z3)
This Euonymus alatus variety grows compact with short shoots, has small leaves (±2-3cm.) and a rich conspicuous fruiting. No corky wings. The autumncolour is pinkish.

Euonymus americanus   L. (z5)
Upright deciduous shrub, with finely branches; young branches distinctly 4-edged. Buds and leaves look a little like Euonymus alatus, but finer; red buds more or less outspreading. Leaves long lasting in autumn. Fruits pink to red, 3-5 chambered with soft warty prickles, like little strawberries; aril orange.

Euonymus americanus 'Evergreen'   (z8)
Selection with evergreen leaves.

Euonymus americanus 'Narrow Leaf'   (z8)
Selection with narrow willow-like leaves.

Euonymus americanus var. angustifolius   (Pursh) Wood (z8)
The leaves of this variety are long and narrow. Also this form bears nice warty red fruits.

Euonymus atropurpureus   Jacq. (z5)
Rather upright deciduous shrub; little flowers dark purple-red in conspicuous cymes; fruits bright purple.

Euonymus bulgaricus   Velen. (z3)
Slow growing species with corky wings on the young branches.

Euonymus bungeanus   Maxim. (z5)
Deciduous tall shrub or small tree; the branches are round, the leathery, but thin leaves have a long stalk and are broad in the middle with a long tapering apex. The flowers in June are whitish-yellow and the fruits are pink. Autumncolour is yellow.

Euonymus bungeanus 'Dart's Pride'   (z5)
This Euonymus bungeanus selection has more angular branches and elliptic leaves; the petioles are not very long. This cv. is a rich fruiting form with pink fruits and a pinkish-red autumncolour in the beginning of September.

Euonymus bungeanus f. pendulus   Rehder (z5)
Gracefully little tree with arching branches; otherwise like var. mongolicus, but the leaves colouring whitish-yellow in autumn.

Euonymus bungeanus 'Fireflame'   (z5)
Shrub with a brilliant red autumncolour.

Euonymus bungeanus var. mongolicus   (Nakai) Kitagawa (z5)
Deciduous shrub or tree with rounded branches; striking are the rather long petioles and the broad leaf-blades with a long acuminate apex; the leaves are leathery, but rather thin; flowers yellowish-white; fruits pink.

Euonymus bungeanus x phellomanus   (z6)
Hybrid between Euonymus bungeanus ('Dart's Pride') and Euonymus phellomanus. Fast growing deciduous shrub. The leaves and the corky wings (however smaller) of Euonymus phellomanus. Not much fruiting.

Euonymus carnosus Hemsl. (z7)
Deciduous shrub with broad ovate leaves, very similar to Euonymus grandiflorus, but with a beautiful red autumncolour. Fruits pink in autumn.

Euonymus carnosus 'Belmonte'   (z7)
(syn.: Euonymus grandiflorus Hort.) This cultivar is the selection found in Arboretum Belmonte in Wageningen, named as Euonymus grandiflorus. But research showed the plants isn't Euonymus grandiflorus, but Euonymus carnosus. But for the beautiful red autumncolour the plant is named after the place where he is found.

Euonymus carnosus 'Red Wine'   (z7)
(syn.: Euonymus atropurpureus var. cheatumi Hort., Euonymus grandiflorus 'Red Wine')
This Euonymus carnosus selection is known, i.a. in France, as Euonymus atropurpureus var. cheatumi, but this is wrong, because Euonymus atropurpureus do not flower with cream-white, but purple flowers. Euonymus carnosus 'Red Wine' grows more compact than the species; the leaves are any narrower and turning into a very beautiful wine-red in autumn. In the trade as Euonymus carnosus 'Red Wine' from 2005.

Euonymus carnosus 'Trompenburg Lustre'   (z7)
Selection with long shining leaves and a beautiful red autumncolour.

Euonymus clivicolus W.W. Sm. (z7)
Upright deciduous shrub. Flowers greenish, later followed by green winged fruits, turning into pink in late summer.

Euonymus clivicolus var. rongchuensis   (Marq. & Shaw) Blakelock (z8)
Very rare Euonymus from southwest China. Looks like Euonymus cornutus var. quinquecornutus, but it grows faster and the small flowers are purple-red. The fruits have wings.

Euonymus cornutus var. quinquecornutus   (Comb.) Blakelock (z7)
This variety of Euonymus cornutus is a deciduous shrub with long lanceolate leaves (±10cm.); branches and buds green; the flowers are purple with a flesh-coloured margin. The long winged fruits are green and not so conspicuous till the moment they are opening and show their hanging seeds covered by the orange aril.
The whole habit of the plant is bamboo-like.

Euonymus echinatus   Wall. (z9)
Procumbent evergreen shrub; it looks like Euonymus fortunei, but the leaves are circular and the young growth is bronze-coloured. The fruits are round, 8mm. and densely covered with 1mm. long prickles. Not hardy.

#VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! #VERW! Euonymus europaeus 'Albus'   (z3)
This Euonymus has yellowish-white fruits with an orange-yellow aril.

Euonymus europaeus 'Atropurpureus'   (z3)
(syn.: Euonymus americanus 'Purpureus' Hort.)
This is a beautiful Euonymus europaeus selection; the lanceolate leaves will quick turn into purple; turns into scarlet in autumn. The colour of the flowers is reddish-yellow; fruits unknown. This is an interesting cv.

Euonymus europaeus 'Aucubifolius'   (z3)
The leaves of this cv. have white spots when full-grown.

Euonymus europaeus 'Chrysophyllus'   (z3)
Leaves of this cv. are yellow when young, especially on plants which has been pruned in spring; older leaves yellowish-green.

Euonymus europaeus 'Intermedius'   (z3)
(syn.: Euonymus europaeus var. ovatus)
Leaves of this Euonymus europaeus are broad ovate with a rounded base, somewhat rhombic, the apex long acuminate; fruits abundantly with coral-red fruits. Often this cv. will be offered under the false names Euonymus europaeus 'Fructo-coccineus' (which has much darker fruits) and Euonymus americanus (which has strawberry-like fruits). It is a good cv. having a conspicuous bright red fruiting.

Euonymus europaeus 'Red Cascade'   (z3)
Young branches are green, but in autumn they turn into dark-red; autumncolour red; older plants have a rich fruiting with big dark-pink fruits; aril orange.

Euonymus europaeus 'Scarlet Wonder'   (z3)
This cv. looks like Euonymus europaeus 'Red Cascade', but the leaves are smaller and gives no autumncolour, so the dark pink fruits are showing better.

Euonymus europaeus 'Thornhayes'   (z3)
This cv. is a seedling of Euonymus europaeus 'Red Cascade'; very similar to the parent, but the autumncolour is splendid red.

Euonymus europaeus var. pumilus   Loudon (z3)
A compact growing variety with small leaves and short growth.

Euonymus europaeus 'Variegatus'   (z3)
Variegated form with irregular variegation; some branches has cream-white leaves, other green and a part has nice variegated leaves; the branches of the cream-white and variegated leaves are red in winter.

Euonymus fimbriatus   Wall. (z7)
Upright, deciduous shrub with bright green leaves; flowers very small, yellowish-white, in May; followed by small light-pink winged fruits in August-September. The bark of older branches is grey and exfoliating. A nice plant.

Euonymus fortunei 'Coloratus'   (z6)
The adult form of this selection has nice white fruits in September-October.

Euonymus fortunei 'Kewensis'   (z6)
Very rare is the growth of this variety. The thin branches will grow into eachother and after any time they form small pyramids.

Euonymus frigidus   Wall. (z9)
This wintergreen species is not hardy. Venation distinctly elevated. Flowers translucent purple, ca. 1cm. Ø, the fruits are green and winged.

Euonymus frigidus var. elongatus   Cowan & A.M. Cowan (z9)
Variety with darker green leaves; the flowers are smaller than Euonymus frigidus and are pinkish.

Euonymus grandiflorus Wall. (z6)
The name of this big shrub is frequently confused with Euonymus carnosus, which turns into a beautiful red or purple autumncolour. Euonymus grandiflorus does not turn into an autumncolour, sometimes only a little yellow in December before the leaves fall. The cream-white flowers have thread-like stamens, not so by Euonymus carnosus which have fleshy stamens. The fruits are pink and the black seeds are covered by an orange arril.

Euonymus grandiflorus f. salicifolius   Stapf & Ballard (z7)
This forma has willow-like leaves, without or with a little yellow autumncolour. Nice large cream-white flowers in July, followed by pink fruits, in autumn.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Den Haag'   (z6)
Particular selection. This plant flowers in August, followed by pink fruits, ripening in October to December. The first years branches on firm standing plants are stout and grow to more than 1m. in one season; the next year it will excessive bear fruit on such branches.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Fiesta'   (z6)
Big shrub found by Hillier (GB). Parts of the leaves are white variegated.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Indian Summer'   (z7)
The leaves of this cv. are glossy green and turn into a beautiful wine-red in autumn, from the second half of October to the first half of December. The fruits are dark pink. This cv. was in the trade under the wrong name Euonymus americanus var. sieboldianus.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Koi Boy'   (z6)
New selection with white fruits from England.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Miss Pinkie'   (z6)
Upright growth and rich fruiting with pink fruits.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Ness Orange' (z6)
New selection with orange colourd fruits. Also the leaves turn into orange in autumn.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Pink Delight'   (z6)
Upright growing shrub with striking pink fruits, lasting till December.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Poort Bulten'   (z6)
Selection found in Arboretum Poort Bulten (NL); excessive fruiting every year, pink fruits.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Popcorn'   (z6)
Big shrub with light green leaves and bold branches. The fruits of this Japanese selection are nearly white; till this time this selection is the most white fruited of all in the deciduous Euonymus-assortment.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Rainbow'   (z8)
Selection from Japan with yellow variegated leaves.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Red Chief' (z6)
Selection with dark-pink fruits.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Red Elf'   (z6)
The appearance of this cv. looks like Euonymus europaeus, but the anthers are clearly purple; the fruits are dark pink. Very free fruiting, even as a young plant. No autumncolour.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Rising Sun'   (z6)
Very beautiful selection from Japan. This selection grows more broad than wide. The leaves are all the summer reddish-green and turn into red in autumn. The fruits of this selection are very dark-pink to red; this variety is the most red-fruited form in the total Euonymus hamiltonianus assortment.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Snow'   (z7)
Beautiful selection from Japan with white variegated leaves.

Euonymus hamiltonianus ssp. sieboldianus   H. Hara (z6)
Big deciduous shrub. Rich fruiting in September-October. The leaves turn into orange-red.

Euonymus hamiltonianus var. hians   (Koehne) Blakelock (z6)
Old trees in the South Park, The Hague and De Dreijen, Wageningen (NL) have a particular beautiful corky trunk.

Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Winter Glory'   (z6)
This selection of the Research-Station in Boskoop (NL) has bright pink fruits, lasting till December.

Euonymus hybrid(e)   (z6)
Hybrid between Euonymus bungeanus ('Dart's Pride') x Euonymus phellomanus.The branches have the corky wings like Euonymus phellomanus and the leaves are between the both parents. Sadly there are nearly fruits.

Euonymus japonicus 'Benkomasaki'   (z8)
Upright columnar growth; the leaves crosswise arranged.

Euonymus japonicus 'Hibarimasaki'   (z7)
This is the smallest of the Euonymus japonicus. Looks very like Euonymus japonicus 'Rykojo', but grows prostrate.

Euonymus japonicus 'Manhattan' (z7)
see: Euonymus kiautschovicus 'Manhattan'

Euonymus japonicus 'Robustus'   (z6)
An evergreen Euonymus with an upright growth; this cv. is the most hardy of the species; in the collection the plant has resisted -20°C. very well. The bright green leaves are nearly circular; the plant flowers excessive, but the fruiting is moderate, although the orange seeds are showing well when the fruits open in the second half of December.

Euonymus japonicus 'Rykojo'   (z7)
Very compact growing selection; in 10 years I think it don't be wider than ca. 30cm. Ø. The leaves are about 0.5cm. wide.

Euonymus japonicus var. pyramidatus   (z8)
Columnair growth; the darkgreen leaves are crosswise arranged.

Euonymus japonicus 'Yellow Pansy' (z8)
Nice seedling selection. In spring the young growth is pansy-yellow. The second growth in summer is green.

Euonymus kiautschovicus   Loes. (z7)
This species looks like Euonymus japonicus, but the oblong leaves are hanging a little. It flowers one month later as Euonymus japonicus and the pinkish fruits are less than Euonymus japonicus 'Robustus'. Young plants are tender for strong frost.

Euonymus kiautschovicus 'Berry Hill'   (z7)
Nearly as the species.

Euonymus kiautschovicus 'Manhattan'   (z7)
Shrub with dark green rounded leaves, rich flowering; white fruits, seed with an orange aril. Young plants are tender to strong frost. Also named as Euonymus japonicus 'Manhattan'.

Euonymus latifolius   (L.) Mill. (z6)
This species native to South Europe and Asia Minor makes big red winterbuds on brown branches; the leaves are ovate, frequently a little rough, but in autumn they turn into beautiful wine-red. The plant flowers rich with yellowish flowers and gives in September a lot of big winged dark red fruits; the seeds have an orange aril.

Euonymus lucidus   D. Don (z9)
(syn.: Euonymus pendulus Wall.)
Evergreen shrub with bronze coloured young growth. Not hardy in The Netherlands.

Euonymus macropterus   Rupr. (z5)
Deciduous shrub. The leaves of this species develop the first of all of the subgenus Kalonymus, it flowers the first of all and the fruits are already ripened in July/August. The plant looks like Euonymus latifolius but the leaf-surface is flat, not rough. The autumncolour is not so striking as Euonymus latifolius and the fruits with the very long wings are hiding under the leaves, but due to the big quantity they are still showy.

Euonymus macropterus 'Mount Fuji' (z5)
New selection with striking fruits. In August the wings of the fruits are purple coloured and the body is pinkish-white. Later in September the fruits are dark red and the orange seeds are hanging under the opened fruits.

Euonymus maximowiczianus   (Prokh.) Vorosch. (z5)
Looks like Euonymus planipes, but the flowers are very small and the corolla is whitish; the fruits open 1 or 2 weeks later; the wings of the fruits are rounded. The branches are grey-brown and thicker. From the end of August to half October the leaves turn into a rich red autumncolour.

Euonymus monbeigii   W.W. Sm. (z7)
Deciduous shrub with a red autumncolour.

Euonymus morrisonensis   Kanehira & Sasaki (z8)
Semi-deciduous small shrub from the mountains of Taiwan.

Euonymus myrianthus   Hemsl. (z7)
In many arboreta this species is named as Euonymus wilsonii (but the fruits of Euonymus wilsonii are set with awl-shaped spines!!). Evergreen; thick leathery leaves; good hardy. This species flowers in spring with many flowered cymes, the petals are green with a yellow blush; the unfertilized ovaries colour orange-yellow and are long lasting. In September the fruits are yellow with an orange blush at the sunside.

Euonymus nanus   M. Bieb. (z2)
Half deciduous shrub; prostrate or upright. The linear-lanceolate leaves are 2-4cm. long with involute margins and dark green. It flowers excessive with violet-purple flowers on filamentous stalks; in August the pink fruits contrast well with the dark green leaves.

Euonymus nanus 'Turkestanicus'   (z2)
This is not a variety but a selection with an upright habit and lighter dull green leaves. The fruiting is fewer than the species.

Euonymus obovatus   Nutt. (z3)
Deciduous species; the branches are bending down and cover the ground; the leaves are ovate or obovate; the flowers are not showy and greenish-red; the carmine fruits have soft prickles, aril orange.

Euonymus occidentalis   Nutt. ex Torr. (z5)
The flowers of this deciduous species are ca. 1cm. and conspicuous dark red; in August develop the more or less rounded red fruits; the yellow aril is spongish with mostly 2 seeds. A species with a conspicuous flower-colour.

Euonymus oresbius   W.W. Smith (z7)
Big deciduous shrub, branches four-edged; small lanceolate leaves, ca. 3cm. long, apex rounded; flowers greenish-white, the fruits pinkish-red. This shrub looks like a very coarse Euonymus nanus.

Euonymus oxyphyllus   Miq. (z5)
One of the most beautiful Euonymus. This deciduous shrub, that can grow up to a little tree, flowers excessive with beige-brown-green flowers in May, the acuminate oval-oblong leaves are budding at the same time. In the late summer the leaves colour from red-brown into a splended (wine-)red, while an excess of marble-sized red fruits are hanging on long stalks, like cherries, among the leaves. The seeds have an orange aril.

Euonymus oxyphyllus 'Angyo Elegant'   (z5)
The leaves of this Japanees selection are spotted with white speckles; rich fruiting with big dark red fruits.

Euonymus oxyphyllus 'Waasland'   (z5)
This selection is still better fruiting than the species. For the plant has no autumncolour, the marble-sized fruits are better seen. They ripened in the end of September and lasting for one month. From the end of October the leaves will turn into shining yellow. Beautiful upright growing selection.

Euonymus pauciflorus   Maxim. (z8)
This deciduous shrub is very similar to Euonymus verrucosus, but the branches are less densely warty, which are brownish coloured; also the leaves are more oval and less acute; the axillary standing flowers have a short pedicel and are laying with 1 or 2 on the leaf-surface; their colour is beige-red. The fruits are red and the aril is red, too. The autumncolour is yellow and red.

Euonymus phellomanus   Loes. (z5)
The very broad corky wings on the 4-sided branches are the most striking of this deciduous species; especially on plants which has been pruned in spring. The leaves are oblong-ovate and a little rough. The pleasant scenting flowers, are yellowish-white; in August/September followed by lighter, or darker, pink fruits; aril red.

Euonymus phellomanus 'Silver Surprise'   (z5)
This cv., found in the Dutch Plant Collection - Euonymus, has white-marginated leaves, no corky wings and in winter the branches are surprisingly pink. The dark pink fruits are very showy in August/September. Slow growing.

Euonymus planipes   Koehne (z4)
One of the best known Euonymus for its richly fruiting. When young the plant is growing slowly, but after a longer time it will grow up into a big shrub. The young branches are green, the red-brown winterbuds big and long acute. The leaves are ovate. Yellowish flowering in big cymes, in late spring. The fruits are red with small wings, already colouring in August. Less autumncolour.

Euonymus planipes 'Gold Ore'   (z4)
Selection out of the Euonymus-collection. The leaves are blotted with yellow spots. Nice autumncolour.

Euonymus quelpaertensis Nakai (z6)
Rare species from Korea. Very similar to Euonymus bungeanus, but the leaves are spreading, not hanging.

Euonymus sacrosanctus   Koidz. (z6)
Very similar to Euonymus alatus, but the plant has a copper-coloured blaze on branches and leaves; the leaves are more broad elliptic. The autumncolour is for a short time shining orange.

Euonymus sanguineus   Loes. ex Diels (z6)
Very attractive Euonymus. This deciduous species buds reddish in spring and keeps a purple blaze all summer, because the oval leaves are red-coloured beneath; the young branches are dark purple. In autumn the leaves turn into brown-red and are very persistant. The flowering is very abundantly, with yellowish flowers having a red bloom. Although many Euonymus have a light bad-smell, but this species surpasses all with a strong "fish"scent in flowering-time.The fruiting is moderate with any pink fruits with long wings; aril orange.

Euonymus schensianus   Maxim. (z8)
Very rare species with elliptic leaves. The fruits have very long wings.

Euonymus spraguei   Hayata (z8?)
Evergreen shrub with nice bronze-coloured new growth.

Euonymus tingens   Wall. (z8)
Evergreen species with glossy dark green leaves, tapering to both ends. Big white flowers with dark red veins. Fruits dark pink.

Euonymus tonkinensis   (Loes.) Loes. (z9)
Rare evergreen species from northern Vietnam. Big pink fruits in autumn.

Euonymus trapococcus   Nakai (z6)
Rare species from Korea. Looks like Euonymus hamiltonianus, but the fruits are grooved at the middle of the lobes.

Euonymus velutinus   (E. Mey.) Fisch. & C.A. Mey. (z6)
Deciduous big shrub. The young growth of the whole plant densely tomentose, leaf-apex rounded. The less fruits are dull-pink. The coarse blackish bark gives the plant a mysterious radiation; very attractive in winter.

Euonymus verrucosoides   Loes. (z6)
This deciduous species looks very like Euonymus alatus, but without corky wings along the branches. The flowers are yellowish-green and the fruits look like these of Euonymus verrucosus.

Euonymus verrucosus   Scop. (z6)
This deciduous Euonymus is an elegant shrub with oblong-ovate leaves; the branches and trunk are densely covered with fine black warts. The plant flowers abundantly with flesh-coloured flowers; it has not too many fruits and these are yellowish-red coloured; the seeds have a red aril. When the leaves drop, the colour turns from yellow into violet-red.

Euonymus vidalii   Franch. & Sav. (z6)
Deciduous species very similar to Euonymus hamiltonianus, might be only a variety.

Euphorbia mellifera   Aiton (z9)
Big shrub in its habitat, leaves grey-green; flowerheads orange, in spring. For a frostfree location.

Euptelea pleiosperma   Hook. f. & Thomson (z6)
Little tree with attractive leaves.

Euptelea polyandra Siebold & Zucc. (z9)
Small tree or big shrub with nice serrate leaves, colouring red and orange in autumn.

Euscaphis japonica   (Thunb.) Kanitz #VERW!
This deciduous shrub looks like Staphylea, but the fruits are not inflated, but boat-shaped.

Exochorda tianschanica Gontsch. (z5)
Nice shrub with white flowers.

Fallugia paradoxa   (D. Don) Endl. ex Torr. (z6)
Low shrub with small leaves and 2,5cm. wide cream-white flowers in summer.

Fatsia japonica   (Thunb.) Decne. & Planch. (z7)
Evergreen shrub with big deep lobed leaves. Big white panicles of flowers in November-December, later followed by black berries.

Fatsia polycarpa   Hayata (z8)
The leaves of this species from the northern mountains of Vietnam are deeper incised than Fatsia japonica. The rest is the same.

Fendlera rupicola   A. Gray (z7)
Very rare shrub of the Philadelphus-family. Flowers white.

Firmiana simplex   (L.) W. Wight (z8)
Unknown tree for the milder location.

Fontanesia phillyreoides Labill. (z6)
Deciduous shrub looking like Ligustrum.

Forestiera angustifolia Torr. (z6)
Rare shrub with narrow leaves, looks some like Ligustrum.

Forestiera neomexicana A. Gray (z6)
Ligustrum-like shrub from the USA.

Forsythia viridissima 'Weber's Bronx'   (z5)
Selection of the dwarf variety 'Bronxensis' with a better flower.

Fortunearia sinensis   Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z6)
Unknown shrub from the Hamamelis-family. Reddish flower racemes in March.

Fothergilla gardenii 'Harold Epstein'   (z5)
New selection from the USA with thin branches creeping over the ground.

Fothergilla major 'Beaver Creek'   (z5)
New selection from the USA.

Fothergilla major 'Red Licorice'   (z5)
New selection from the USA.

Fothergilla major 'Sea Spray'   (z5)
New selection from the USA.

Franklinia alatamaha   Marsh. (z6)
Very beautiful shrub from the same family of Camellia with white flowers in September-October and a nice red autumncolour.

Fraxinus angustifolia 'Variegata'   (z6)
Slow growing shrub with yellow-green spickled leaves.

Fraxinus densata   Nakai
Rare Ash from Korea.

Fraxinus excelsior 'Aurea Pendula'   (z3)
Beautiful yellow branched and leaved shrub or, when grafted on a stander, a little tree with pendulous branches.

Fraxinus excelsior 'Crispa'   (z3)
Slow growing shrub with thick branches and dark green curly leaves.

Fraxinus formosana Hayata (z7)
Ash from Taiwan.

Fraxinus longicuspis Siebold & Zucc. (z5)
Small tree with white flowers in June and a red autumncolour.

Fraxinus mandshurica Rupr. (z6)
Very unknown tall tree from North-East Asia.

Fraxinus pallisae Wilmott (z6)
Nice Ash from the Balkan.

Fraxinus platypoda Oliv. (z5)
Tree from China.

Fraxinus quadrangulata   Michx. (z3)
Special tree of North America. The branches of this Ash are 4-sided. When the inner part of the bark is laid in water, it will turn blue, so the american name "Blue Ash".

Fraxinus retusa var. henryana   Oliv. (z7-9)
Rare variety from China with nice white panicles of flowers.

Fraxinus rhynchophylla   Hance (z6)
Rare tree from China.

Fraxinus texensis (A. Gray) Sarg. (z7)
Rare Ash from Texas, USA.

Fraxinus xanthoxyloides var. dumosa   (Carr.) Lingelsh. (z7)
Very rare shrub, when older a tree; the leaflets rounded 0.5-1.5cm. long.

Fuchsia excorticata   (G. Forst.) L. f. (z9)
Tree-Fuchsia with violet-green flowers in wintertime and spring. Tub-plant.

Fuchsia paniculata   Lindl. (z8)
Rare Fuchsia with violet flowers in upright panicles.

Fuchsia procumbens   R. Cunn. (z8)
Prostrate shrublet with thin branches. The flowers are upright and yellow with green; after the flowering follow 2cm. big red fruits.

Garrya buxifolia   A. Gray
The leaves of this species are spoon-like.

Garrya congdonii   Eastw. (z8)
Evergreen shrub from western USA. This shrub normally grows on rocky places. The best place to plant is sunny, dry and very sheltered.

Garrya elliptica   Douglas ex Lindl. (z7)
This evergreen shrub will be covered with grey male or female catkins (10-20cm. long) in January-February. When planted on a north facing wall they resist 10-13° C. below zero.

Garrya elliptica 'Glasnevin Wine'   (z7)
The male catkins are purple-grey coloured.

Garrya issaquahensis (x) 'Pat Ballard'   (z8)
The male catkins purple-grey coloured.

Garrya thuretii (x)   Carr. (z8-9)
This hybrid between Garrya faydenii x Garrya elliptica is as hardy as Garrya elliptica; the catkins are erect, but not so long.

Gaultheria griffithiana   Wight (z8)
Low shrub with small greenish-white flowers.

Gaultheria pumila   (L. f.) D.J. Middleton (z7)
This dwarf shrub looks like Empetrum. It is a protrate shrublet with tiny white flowers and 1.2-2cm. white to reddish fruits.

Gelsemium rankinii Small (z7-9)
Nice vine to 3m. Yellow flowers in March-April. Looks very like Jasmine.

Genista aetnensis   (Bivona) DC. (z7?-8)
Very attractive little tree with golden-yellow flowers in July.

Genista canariensis   L. (z8)
Upright growing shrub with nice yellow flowers in spring over a long time.

Genista umbellata   (L'Hér.) Poir. (z8?)
Small shrub to 50cm. Nice yellow flowers from April to July.

Gevuina avellana   Molina (z9)
Evergreen shrub from Chile. The edible fruits look like a hazelnut. Protect in winter from frost.

Gleditsia delavayi   Franch. (z8)
The thorns could be 25cm. long. Also the fruits can grow to 50cm. long.

Gleditsia japonica Miq. (z6)
Tall tree with very thorny stems and branches.

Gleditsia koraiensis T. Mori (z6)
Rare species with curly fruits.

Gleditsia sinensis Lam. (z5)
Very rare spiny tree, the leaves bipinnate.

Glyptostrobus pensilis (Staunton ex D. Don) K. Koch (z8)
Looks like Metasequoia glyptostroboides. The leaves are bluish.

Glyptostrobus pensilis 'Wooly Mammoth'   (z8)
Not sure of this cultivar is different than the species. Maybe the habit looks wooly.

Gomphostigma virgatum   (L. f.) Baill. (z8)
Gray-leaved shrub for a sheltered place. Nice white blooms in late summer and beginning autumn. Cut back in spring for a fresh growth.

Gordlinia (x) grandiflora Ranney & Fantz (z7)
Hybrid between Gordonia lasianthus and Franklinia alatamaha.

Gordonia axillaris   (Roxb. ex Ker) Endl. (z9)
Evergreen tub plant with big white flowers in autumn.

Grewia biloba var. parviflora   (Bunge) Hand. Mazz. (z6)
This to 2m. high shrub is hardy in the west of Europe.

Griselinia littoralis (Raoul) Raoul (z9)
Evergreen shrub from New Zealand. The leaves are yellow-green. For planting at coastal regions.

Griselinia littoralis 'Dixon's Cream'   (z8)
Evergreen shrub from New Zealand. The leathery leaves have yellow to cream coloured spots. For sheltered places.

Griselinia ruscifolia (Gay) Ball (z9)
Rare species from Chile.

Gymnocladus chinensis   Baill. (z9)
Very rare tree; the leaflets of this species are smaller than the following species.

Gymnocladus dioica   (L.) K. Koch. (z5)
Tall tree; when young the thick branches are bluish-grey pruinose; the big leaves are bipinnate and pink when young.

Halesia carolina   L. (z5)
Tall shrub, in spring covered with plenty bell-shaped white flowers.

Halesia diptera   L. (z6)
Shrub with 2.5cm. long white flowers in spring; the fruits two-winged.

Halesia diptera var. magniflora   Godfrey (z6)
More abundantly flowering than the species. Very rare.

Halesia macgregorii Chun (z7)
Very rare shrub from China. Nice white flowers in spring.

Halesia monticola   (Rehder) Sarg. (z6)
Big shrub to tall tree. White campanulate flowers in May; after that followed by big winged fruits (to 5cm. long).

Halesia monticola var. vestita   Sarg. (z6)
The young leaves of this variety are tomentose. Bright pink flowers.

Halesia monticola 'Variegata' (z6)
The leaves of this deciduous shrub are bordered with an irregular cream greenish-yellow margin.

Halesia parviflora   Michx. (z6)
Deciduous big shrub with bell-shaped flowers in May.

Halimium atriplicifolium   (Lam.) Spach (z9)
This nice evergreen shrub has grey leaves like Atriplex halimus. The flowers are yellow during summer.

Hamamelis virginiana L. (z3)
Big shrub, flowering in september-oktober.

Hedera helix 'Conglomerata' (z5)
Slow growing shrub with prostrate and upright branches and waved leaves.

Hedera helix 'Erecta' (z5)
Stiff upright shrub, the leaves in two rows along the branches.

Hedera helix 'Humpty Dumpty'   (z6)
The adult form of Hedera helix 'Erecta'. The leaves of Hedera helix 'Humpty Dumpty' grow in whirls around the thick branches, finishing in a globular flowerbud, in July.

Hedera helix 'Ice Cream'   (z5)
Adult form of Hedera helix 'Cavendishii'. The leaves with a broad creamy-white margin. Berries black.

Helwingia chinensis   Batalin (z8)
This deciduous shrub has flowers and fruits on the lanceolate leaves of the older plants (the plants are dioecious).

Helwingia chinensis 'Broad-leaved Form'   (z8)
The leaves of this form are broader than the former.

Helwingia himalaica   Hook. f & Thomson ex C.B. Clarke (z8?)
The small leaves of this semi-evergreen shrub are deeper serrate than these of Helwingia japonica. This plant grows the best at shaded places.

Helwingia japonica   (Thunb.) F.Dietr. (z7)
Stoloniferous little shrub with very small flowers (male and female on different plants) on the leaf-surface; the female plants give 6mm. thick black berries.

Hemiptelea davidii   (Hance) Planch. (z5)
This shrub very similar to Ulmus has very stout thorns, especially on young or deep cutted plants and will be useful as an impenetrable thorny hedge.

Heptacodium miconioides   Rehder (z5)
Beautiful deciduous shrub; the older branches exfoliating. The leaves are three-veined. In September-October the shrub is covered with big panicles of white flowers; the calyx turns into bright red after flowering.

Hoheria populnea   A. Cunn. (z9)
Small evergreen tree with snow-white flowers in September.

Holodiscus discolor   (Pursh) Maxim. (z5)
Shrub with aromatic leaves and nodding yellowish-white flowers in July-August.

Hosta nakaiana   F. Maekawa (z5)
Small perennial; flowers blue.

Hovenia dulcis Thunb. (z6)
Deciduous little tree. The fruit stalks eventually fleshy, thickened and reddish are eaten in India, Japan and China.

Huodendron biaristatum   (W.W. Sm.) Rehder (z8?)
Very rare shrub from the Styrax-family. Young leaves copper coloured.

Hydrangea anomala   D. Don (z5)
Climbing shrub with greenish-white margin flowers (this species is also in the trade under the wrong name Schizophragma corylieum).

Hydrangea anomala 'Cordifolia'   (z5)
(syn.: Hydrangea petiolaris 'Cordifolia')
All the parts of this Climbing Hydrangea are much smaller than the species. Very useful as groundcover.

Hydrangea anomala 'Mirranda'   (z5)
Selection with cream-yellow bordered leaves, in spring. Later in summer the leaves turn into green.

Hydrangea anomala 'Winter Surprise'   (z8)
The leaves of this climbing shrub will be very nice red in winter, when the temperature is about zero and the sun is shining on the plant. Needs a sheltered place, so by very cold, under 5 degrees below zero, the leaves will be damaged.

Hydrangea heteromalla   D. Don (z6)
Big shrub with white flowers in June.

Hydrangea heteromalla f. xanthoneura   Diels (z6)
Deciduous shrub. To 20cm. broad flowers.

Hydrangea heteromalla 'Gidie'   (z6)
Selection with nice white flowers having a greenish blaze.

Hydrangea longipes   Franch. (z7)
The long leaves of this shrub are bristly haired. Flowercorymbs umbrella-like, the marginal flowers are white.

Hydrangea serrata 'Golden Sunlight'   (z6)
Beautiful shrub with golden-yellow leaves in spring later becoming greenish-yellow. The lace-cap flowers are pink, later reddish like Hydrangea serrata 'Intermedia' of which 'Golden Sunlight' is a "sport".(Plant Protected in Europe!).

Hymenanthera alpina   (Kirk) W.R.B. Oliv. (z7)
Nice evergreen shrub for the rockgarden; the branches are stiff and the leaves small. Small white berries in autumn.

Hymenanthera crassifolia   Hook. f.
Wintergreen shrub with small white berries in autumn and winter, sometimes lasting over a year.

Hypericum kalmianum L. (z5)
Low deciduous shrub. For a long time covered by yellow flowers during summer.

Hypericum olympicum 'Sulphureum'   (z6)
Nice shrublet with to 5cm. wide sulphur-coloured flowers.

Idesia polycarpa   Maxim. (z5)
Elegant tree, big leaves with long red petioles; flowers yellowish in pendulous panicles in May-June. In autumn on female plants bunches red-brown berries.

Idesia polycarpa var. vestita   Diels. (z5)
The leaf undersides of this variety are densely tomentose and the fruits are brick-red.

Ilex aquifolium 'Dark Green'   (z5)

Ilex decidua Walter (z5-6)
Deciduous shrub with orange-red fruits.

Ilex mitis   (L.) Radlk. (z9)
Not hardy evergreen shrub of small tree from South Africa. The dark green leaves are not toothed like the normal Holly. The berries are dark red.

Ilex pedunculosa   Miq. (z6)
Nice evergreen shrub with solitary red fruits on 2-4cm. long stalks.

Ilex rotunda   Thunb. (z8)
Nice evergreen Ilex.

Ilex vomitoria   Aiton (z8)
Evergreen shrub with beautiful red long lasting berries.

Illicium anisatum   Gaertn. (z7-8)
(syn.: Illicium religiosum)
Evergreen shrub with white flowers in April-May.

Illicium floridanum   J. Ellis (z7-8)
Evergreen shrub with purple-red flowers in April-May.

Illicium henryi Diels (z7)
Nice evergreen shrub with glossy leaves. Star-shaped pink or reddish-pink flowers.

Illicium majus   Hook. f. & Thomson (z8?)
Very rare species from northern Vietnam. Large leaves and white or pinkish flowers.

Illicium oligandrum Merr. & Chun (z8?)
Rare species with pinkish-red flowers.

Illicium 'Woodland Ruby' (z8)
Evergreen shrub with red flowers.

Indigofera amblyantha   Craib (z6)
Tender shrub with pinnate leaves and slender upright spikes of pink flowers.

Indigofera hebepetala Baker (z6)
Deciduous shrub with purple flowers in racemes.

Indigofera kirilowii   Palib. (z6)
Nice shrub to 80cm. height and racemes with reddish flowers in summer.

Indigofera potaninii   Craib (z6)
Upright shrub with erect racemes lilac-pink flowers from July to September.

Itea ilicifolia   Oliv. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with Holly-like leaves. Flower-racemes to 50cm. long, greenish-white pendulous flowers. Attractive.

Itea virginica   L. (z6)
Halfwintergreen small shrub with a bright red autumncolour. Flowers white in erect racemes, 10cm. long, fragrant.

Itea virginica 'Henry's Garnet'   (z6)
Like the species but with a beautiful dark red autumncolour.

Itea virginica 'Sarah Eve'   (z7)
Flowers pinkish in bud.

Itea virginica 'Shirley's Compact'   (z7)
New selection with a very compact growth.

Itea yunnanensis   Franch. (z9)
Looks like Itea ilicifolia, but the leaves are longer and the flower-racemes are shorter, about 15cm.

Jamesia americana   Torr. & Gray (z6)
Small shrub; white flower-cymes in May-June.

Jasminum humile   L. (z9)
Nearly evergreen shrub with yellow flowers in June-July.

Jasminum nudiflorum 'Aureum'   (z6)
The leaves of this cultivar are yellow. In winter big yellow flowers.

Jasminum nudiflorum 'Mistique'   (z6)
Selection with white variegated leaves and in winter big golden-yellow flowers.

Jasminum officinale 'Argenteovariegatum'   (z7-8)
Jasmine with white variegated leaves; very fragrant white flowers from June to September. Twining.

Jasminum officinale 'Aureovariegatum'   (z7-8)
Leaves of this cultivar yellow speckled.

Jasminum parkeri   Dunn (z8?)
Shrub to 30cm. height. Yellow flowers in June.

Jovellana violacea   (Cav.) G. Don (z9)
The flowers of this half-evergreen shrub are white-violet, in June-July. I think it is not hardy in The Netherlands.

Juglans ailanthifolia Carr. (z5)
Japanese Walnut. The fruits grow with 20 together in racemes.

Juglans cinerea   L. (z3)
Very hardy Walnut from the east of North America.

Kadsura coccinea   (Lem.) A.C. Sm.
Evergreen twining shrub with light yellow flowers and globose heads of red berries. Not hardy in the most parts of northern Europe.

Kadsura japonica   (L.) Dunal (z8)
Evergreen twining climber with sulfur-yellow flowers from June to September followed by scarlet-red berries.

Kadsura japonica 'Variegata'   (z8)
(syn.: Kadsura japonica 'Fukurin')
Variegated selection of the species.

Kennedia coccinea   Vent. (z8)
Not hardy twining subshrub with red flowers.

Kennedia macrophylla   (Meissner) Benth. (z10)
Evergreen climbing shrub with three-parted leaves from Australia. Not hardy in the most parts of Europe.

Koelreuteria bipinnata   Franch. (z8)
Deciduous tree with pinnate leaves; yellow flowers in panicles in July-August.

Koelreuteria henryi   Dummer (z8)
Not hardy species from Taiwan.

Koelreuteria paniculata   Laxm. (z6)
Beautiful deciduous tree with a rain of golden-yellow flowers in panicles in August, followed by bladder-like fruits.

Koelreuteria paniculata 'Coral Sun' PBR   (z6)
New selection with brilliant red new growth; later on the leaves turn into yellow-green as the petioles are staying red. In winter the branches are yellow-brown. A welcom addition to the assortment. (Protected by Plant Breeders' Rights).
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Koelreuteria paniculata 'Fastigiata'   (z6)
Grows narrow upright.

Koelreuteria paniculata 'Rosseels'   (z6)
This selection flowers on young plants.

Koelreuteria paniculata var. apiculata   (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) Rehder (z6)
This variety has bipinnate leaves.

Laburnum anagyroides var. alschingeri   (Vis.) Hayek (z6)
Shrub Laburnum; the branches and young leafs are white tomentose. The yellow flowers in nodding racemes, sometimes upright.

Lagerstroemia chekiangensis   Cheng (z7a)
Tall shrub or tree. Beautiful orange autumncolour. The flowers are light pink. Has also a peeling bark.

Lagerstroemia 'Flamenco'  

Lagerstroemia indica   L. (z8)
Very abundantly flowering from July to September.

Lagerstroemia indica 'Descha' (Pecharmant)  
Selection with lilac flowers.

Lagerstroemia indica 'Petit Pink'   (z8)
Selection with pink flowers.

Lagerstroemia 'Samba'  

Lagerstroemia 'Tango'  

Lardizabala biternata   Ruiz & Pav. (z9)
Evergreen climbing shrub from the same family as Decaisnea fargesii.

Laurus nobilis x Umbellularia californica   (z9)
Hybrid from the normal Laurel and the Californian Laurel. However the leaves are less scented, they are darker green of colour.

Laurus novocanariensis Rivas Mart. (z9)
Laurel from the Canary Islands. Nice dark green leaves.

Ledum groenlandicum   Oeder (z2)
Evergreen shrub to 1m. height. The leaves have a very strong scent. Nice white flowers in round racemes.

Leitneria floridana Chapman (z5)
Deciduous shrub from eastern USA.

Leptospermum humifusum A. Cunn. ex Schauer (z7)
Prostrate shrub with white flowers in June.

Leptospermum lanigerum (Aiton) Sm. (z9)
Unknown shrub from southern Australia.

Lespedeza buergeri   Miq. (z5)
Low shrub with kind purple-wit flowers during summer.

Lespedeza leptostachya   A. Gray (z5)
Rare plant of the prairies of the USA.

Leucothoe axillaris 'A. E. Wilson'   (z6)
Evergreen tiny shrub. The new growth is white, for a long time; turns into pink in autumn.

Leucothoe grayana   Maxim. (z6)
Deciduous low shrub from Japan.

Leycesteria crocothyrsos   Airy Shaw (z9)
Shrub with yellow flowers in 12-18cm. long nodding racemes; berries green.

Ligustrum chenaultii   Hickel (z7)
Deciduous shrub; in June to 20cm. long panicles of flowers, later followed by violet-blue kidney-shaped berries.

Ligustrum japonicum 'Rotundifolium'   (z7)
This evergreen low shrub has glossy rounded leaves and white flowers in short panicles.

Ligustrum sinense var. stauntonii   (DC.) Rehder (z7)
Very abundantly flowering shrub in July-August; big panicles white flowers.

Lindera angustifolia W.C. Cheng (z6)
Deciduous shrub with a beautiful orange-red autumncolour.

Lindera benzoin   (L.) Blume (z5)
Tall shrub with greenish-yellow flowers in March-April. Fruits scarlet on female plants. Golden-yellow autumncolour.

Lindera erythrocarpa   Makino (z7)
Rare shrub, deciduous. The fruits are red.

Lindera lancea   (Momiyama) H. Koyama (z9)
Nice shrub from Japan.

Lindera obtusiloba   Blume (z6)
Little tree with bluish-green leaves often three lobed.

Lindera reflexa   Hemsl. (z7)
Deciduous rare shrub.

Lindera sericea   (Siebold & Zucc.) Blume (z6)
Rare species from Japan and Korea.

Lindera strychnifolia   (Siebold & Zucc.) Fern.-Villar (z9)
Nice shrub with conspicuous leaves with three veins.

Lindera triloba   (Siebold & Zucc.) Blume (z7)
Shrub with nice three-lobed leaves.

Liquidambar acalycina   H.T. Chang (z7)
Rare tree from China. The leaves are palmate. Beautiful autumncolour.

Liquidambar orientalis   Mill. (z8)
This less known species comes from Asia Minor. The leaves of this species are deeper incised then they of Liquidambar styraciflua.

Liquidambar styraciflua L. (z5)
Beautiful tree with a nice smell. Autumncolour purple.

Liriodendron 'Chapel Hill'   (z7)
Hybrid between Liriodendron tulipifera and Liriodendron chinense.
The flowers of this small tree are orange-yellow.

Liriodendron chinense   (Hemsl.) Sarg. (z7-8)
The leaves of this tree are more insiced than Liriodendron tulipifera.

Liriodendron tulipifera 'Aureomarginatum'   (z5)
The leaves of this selection have a yellow margin.

Liriodendron tulipifera x chinense   (z6)
Cross between both specie.

Lithocarpus synbalanos   (Hance) Chun

Litsea rotundifolia aff.   (z9)

Lomatia tinctoria   R. Br. (z8)
Evergreen shrub from Tasmania. The darkgreen leaves are pinnate or bipinnate. The scented racemes of flowers are light-yellow in July-August. The plant is more hardy than suspected.

Lonicera alpigena   L. (z6)
Deciduous shrub to 1m. height and yellow flowers in May; followed by darkred glossy berries.

Lonicera altaica   Pall. (z2)
Shrubformed Honeysuckle from the middle of Asia.

Lonicera caerulea var. edulis   Turcz. ex Herder (z5)
Shrub honeysuckle from the East of Asia, where people eating the fruits.

Lonicera chamissoi   Bunge (z7)
Deciduous little shrub with small dark violet flowers in May-June; berries red.

Lonicera ciliosa Poir. (z5)
Twining shrub with yellow flowers turning into red.

Lonicera deflexicalyx   Batalin (z6)
Bushy low growing shrub; the flowers colouring from white to yellow.

Lonicera dioica   L. (z5)
A slightly climbing shrub from northeastern North America. The coppercoloured yellow-green flowers are on the tip of the branches in a disc-like pair of leaves. After flowering followed by orange berries.

Lonicera elisae Franch. (z6)
Rare shrub with white flowers from Januari to March.

Lonicera glehnii   F. Schmidt (z6)
The flowers of this species are greenish-yellow.

Lonicera hildebrandiana   Collet & Hemsl. (z9)
Not hardy evergreen climbing shrub; this species has the biggest flowers of the family. The shrub flowers from June to August with, to 10cm. large, white flowers, soon colouring to yellow. Sometimes followed by about 3cm. big fruits. To keep frostfree in winter.

Lonicera hispidula   Douglas ex Lindl. (z6)
More or less procumbent shrub with hairy leaves. The whitish flowers turn into red, June-July.

Lonicera involucrata   (Richardson) Banks ex Spreng. (z6)
Low deciduous shrub to 1m. height. Flowers yellow in May-June.

Lonicera myrtillus   Hook. f. & Thomson (z6)
Low shrub with small leaves and yellowish-white flowers in May-June.

Lonicera purpusii (x)   Rehd. (z6)
Very beautiful flowering shrub during winter, from December to April. The white flowers are very fragrant.

Lonicera ruprechtiana   Regel (z6)
Deciduous shrub. The white later yellow flowers will be followed by orange or dark red fruits.

Lonicera sempervirens   L. (z8)
Semi-evergreen climbing shrub with orange-yellow to scharlet-red flowers during summer.

Lonicera similis var. delavayi   (Franch.) Rehder (z9)
Evergreen climbing shrub, with white flowers, turning into yellow, in the middle of the summer.

Lonicera standishii   Carrière (z6)
Semi-evergreen shrub; the nice pinkish-white flowers from December to March-April.

Lonicera standishii 'Budapest'   (z6)
Deciduous shrub with light-pink flowers from December to March.

Lonicera stenantha   Pojark. (z2)
Shrub to 1m. height with bright yellow flowers, later followed by big blue-black berries.

Lonicera tolmatchevii Pojark. (z4)
This rare shrub grows to 1m. height. Flowers yellow in June, later followed by purple-black fruits.

Lycium chinense   Mill. (z6)
Thorny shrub with violet flowers colouring into brown; after that followed by orange-red berries.

Lycium exsertum   A. Gray (z8)
This thorny evergreen shrub grows in the dry region of Arizona, USA.

Lycium rhombifolium Dippel (z6)
Deciduous shrub from China. Fruits red.

Lyonia ligustrina   (L.) DC. (z6)
Deciduous shrub with whitish flowers in terminal racemes in May-June. Poisonous to horses.

Lyonia ovalifolia   (Wall.) Drude (z7-8)
Semi-evergreen shrub with small whitish flowers in terminal racemes in May-June.

Lysionotus pauciflorus   Maxim. (z9)
This evergreen small shrub is not hardy in The Netherlands, but the blue flowers in Septerber are very striking.

Maackia amurensis   Rupr. (z4)
Little tree with pinnate leaves; flowers greenish-white in upright racemes on the shoots tips in July-August.

Macfadyena unguis-cati   (L.) A.H. Gentry (z8)
Very fast growing evergreen climbing shrub. Grows in trees and on walls. The trumpett-like flowers born in May and June; after flowering appear the very long fruits.

Maclura pomifera   (Raf.) C.K. Schneid. (z5)
The thorns on the branches of the Osage Orange are very sharp. Flowers inconspicuous, on female plants growing out to a globose orange-like fruit; not edible.

Maclura pomifera 'Inermis'   (z5)
Cultivar without thorns. Dark green leaves turn into yellow in autumn.

Maclura pomifera 'Pretty Woman'   (z5)
Female selection with big fruits on older plants.

Maddenia hypoleuca   Koehne (z5)
Very rare tall shrub. Flowers as little catkins in March-April.

Maddenia wilsonii   Koehne (z6)
Very rare species from China. Underside of the leaves is green; that of Maddenia hypoleuca is silver-white.

Magnolia acuminata   (L.) L. (z4)
Beautiful tree with a yellow autumncolour. Flowers bluish-green in June-July.

Magnolia biondii   Pamp. (z7?-8)
Rare deciduous tree from China. Looks some like Magnolia kobus.

Magnolia brooklynensis 'Yellow Bird'   (z6)
Small tree with rounded yellow flowers in spring. Also flowering in summer.

Magnolia 'Butterflies'   (z6)
Selection with light yellow flowers. Will be a tall shrub.

Magnolia dawsoniana   Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z8)
Deciduous shrub with light pink flowers to 25cm. Ø.

Magnolia delavayi   Franch. (z9)
Evergreen, but not hardy Magnolia, flowering in summer from July to September, with ivory-white flowers.

Magnolia denudata   Desr. (z6)
Deciduous shrub with white flowers in April-May.

Magnolia 'Elizabeth'   (z6)
Small tree with large light flowers in late spring.

Magnolia 'Genie'   (z6)
New selection with very dark red tulip-like flowers.

Magnolia grandiflora 'Tréyvei'   (z7)
Evergreen Magnolia with large shining leaves. This selection is one of the most hardy Magnolia grandiflora; flowers during summer with big, to 20cm. wide, scented white flowers.

Magnolia hypoleuca   Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
(syn.: Magnolia obovata Thunb.)
Deciduous tree with big obovate leaves. Fragrant white flowers in June and later to 20cm. big sausage-like red fruits.

Magnolia macrophylla   Michx. (z6)
The leaves of this deciduous tree are very big, to 80cm. long. The big white flowers appear in June. The tree prefer a fertile soil, out of the wind.

Magnolia officinalis   Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z7)
Deciduous tree with big leaves; the big white flowers appear in June.

Magnolia officinalis var. biloba   Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z7)
Looks like the species, but the leaves always deeply incised at the apex, forming two lobes.

Magnolia salicifolia   (Siebold & Zucc.) Maxim. (z6)
Big shrub or little tree with lanceolate leaves; the white flowers appear in April-May, before the leaves.

Magnolia sieboldii   K. Koch (z7)
Big shrub with round leaves and white flowers in summer.

Magnolia tripetala   (L.) L. (z5)
Deciduous small tree; the leaves are arranged umbrella-like at the end of the branches. Big light yellowish flowers, 20-25 cm. wide, scenting well. The fruits are pink and to 10cm. long.

Magnolia virginiana   L. (z5)
Deciduous shrub, on sheltered places half-wintergreen. This plant flowers in summer, June-July, but often flowers appearing to September. The flowers are white and fragrant.

Magnolia wilsonii   (Finet & Gagnep.) Rehder (z7)
This deciduous Magnolia flowers in June; they are white and nodding.

Magnolia 'Yellow Lantern'   (z6)
Selection with light yellow flowers.

Magnolia zenii   W.C. Cheng (z6)
Deciduous shrub from China. Flowers white with purple, in March-April.

Mahoberberis (x) 'Magic' (z5)
Selection of a hybrid of Mahonia and Berberis. The branches are thornless, the leaves are little prickly like Mahonia. Flowers yellow like Mahonia aquifolia.

Mahonia aquifolium 'Brilliant'   (z5)
The leaves of this selection are glossy. Has yellow flowers in April.

Mahonia gracilipes   (Oliv.) Fedde (z7)
Beautiful evergreen shrub with thorny toothed leaves, having a silvery underside. Flowers red and yellow.

Mallotus japonicus   (L. f.) Muell.-Arg. (z8)
White tomentosed shrub from Japan. In autumn the creamflowers appear in panicles.

Malus hupehensis (Pamp.) Rehder (z5)
Upright shrub or small tree. White flowers 4cm. wide, later followed by small ornamental apples.

Marcetella maderensis (Bornm.) Svent. (z10)
Fast growing shrub to 2m.

Maytenus boaria   Molina (z8)
Little evergreen tree with a willow-like appearance, but from the Celastrus-family.

Medicago arborea   L. (z9)
Hardly hardy shrub from southeastern Europe. The leaves are three-foliate and the yellow flowers in little panicles appear from May to September.

Medicago strasseri Greuter, Matthaes & H. Risse (z9)
Not hardy shrub with panicles of yellow flowers during summer.

Melaleuca armillaris   (Sol. ex Gaertn.) Sm.
Shrub from Australia, so not hardy in The Netherlands. This tubplant has flowers as Callistemon; the leaves are heather-like.

Melia azedarach   L. (z9)
Deciduous tree with long bipinnate leaves and violet flowers in loose panicles in May. When fruiting fruits light yellow.

Meliosma dilleniifolia   (Wall. ex Wight & Arn.) Walp. (z8)
Deciduous small tree from the Himalaya. The flower-panicles could be to 30cm. long.

Meliosma dilleniifolia ssp. cuneifolia   (Franch.) van Beusekom (z8)
The leaves of this deciduous shrub are cuneate at the base. Flowers yellowish in small panicles, later followed by black berries.

Meliosma dilleniifolia ssp. tenuis (Maxim.) van Beusekom (z8)
The subspecies is a shrub and comes from Japan.

Meliosma flexuosa   Pamp. (z8)
Upright shrub with small panicles of brownish flowers.

Meliosma oldhamii   Miq. (z8)
Also this species has pinnate leaves. The paniculated flowers are pure white, in July.

Meliosma veitchiorum   Hemsl. (z8)
Rare deciduous tree from China. The large leaves are pinnate. Flower panicles to 40cm. long, in May; the small flowers are yellow.

Menziesia ciliicalyx var. multiflora   (Maxim.) Mak. (z6)
Slow growing deciduous shrub with dark-pink flowers.

Mespilus germanica   L. (z6)
Shrub or small tree; white flowers 4-5cm. wide in May, fruits brown, edible after frost.

Michelia compressa   (Maxim.) Sarg. (z9)
Evergreen shrub with leathery leaves. 5cm. yellow flowers in April. Very fragrant.

Michelia figo   (Lour.) Spreng. (z9)
Evergreen shrub with a lovely smell when flowering; flowers ca. 3cm., light-violet. Nearly hardy in The Netherlands.

Michelia maudiae   Dunn (z8)
Looks like Magnolia, but it is evergreen.

Michelia yunnanensis   Franch. ex Finet & Gagnep. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with white flowers in late spring and summer.

Millettia japonica 'Hime Fuji'   (z8)
Selection with a slow growth. Nice pinnate leaves.

Mitchella repens   L. (z5)
Flat growing shrublet with evergreen beautiful marked leaves.

Mitchella undulata f. quelpartensis Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
Flat growing shrublet. Small white flowers in May-June, occasionally followed by red berries.

Mitraria coccinea   Cav. (z7)
Evergreen shrub with beautiful orange-red tube-shaped flowers from June to fall. Will not tolerade drought or too much sun. Only for a protected site in winter.

Morus alba L. (z5)
White Mulberry. Deciduous tree with variable leaves. Flowers inconspicuous, fruits berry-like, white, red or black.

Morus alba 'Nana Issai'   (z5)
Selection with a compact habbit, many fruited quite on young age.

Morus alba 'White Berry'   (z5)
Selection with sweet pure white berry-like fruits.

Morus nigra   L. (z7)
Black Mulberry. Tree with big rough leaves; fruits purple-black when ripened. Edible.

Morus rubra 'Nana' (z7)
Dwarf shrublet for the rockgarden.

Muehlenbeckia axillaris   Walp. (z8)
Mat-like shrublet with wiry thin branches and growing through the ground. Leaves 0.5cm., flowers inconspicuous, berries black.

Muehlenbeckia ephedroides   Hook f. (z8)
Procumbent shrublet from New Zealand; shoots nearly always leafless. Queer.

Mutisia ilicifolia   Hook. (z9)
Climbing shrub from Chile. The Holly-like leaves has a long tendril. Flowers yellow.

Myoporum laetum   G. Forst. (z10)
Not harde shrub or tree from New Zealand. The dark green leaves are speckled with blackish glands.

Myrica californica Cham. & Schltdl. (z9)
Aromatic evergreen shrub.

Myrica cerifera   L. (z9)
Evergreen shrub from the South East of the USA. Flowers inconspicuous; in autumn gray-white fruits, covered with a white waxy coating.

Myricaria germanica   (L.) Desv. (z6)
Narrowly upright shrub with blue-green scale-like leaves. Flowers in racemes, pink.

Myrsine semiserrata   Wall. (z8)
Evergreen shrub. The new growth reddish. Very small white flowers.

Myrtus communis   L. (z8)
Common Myrtle. Evergreen shrub with 2cm. wide fragrant white flowers.

Myrtus communis ssp. tarentina   (L.) Nyman (z8)
Slower growing than the species; the little leaves in 4 rows.

Myrtus communis 'Variegata'   (z8)
Looks like the species, but the margin of the leaves is cream-white.

Myrtus luma 'Glanleam Gold'  

Neillia affinis   Hemsl. (z6)
Deciduous shrub with darkgreen leaves. The pink flowers with a dark-pink calyx appear in May-June, but when the plant will be pruned after flowering, it will also flower later in summer.

Neillia sinensis   Oliv. (z6)
Shrub with nice pink flowers in June.

Neillia thyrsiflora D. Don. (z8)
The branches of this deciduous shrub are reddish. The small flowers are white during summer.

Neillia uekii Nakai (z6)
Deciduous shrub with white flowers in racemes.

Nemopanthus mucronatus (L.) Trel. (z4)
Deciduous shrub from the Holly-family. Berries red.

Neolitsea sericea   (Blume) Koidz. (z8)
Nice evergreen shrub with dark-green leaves and white veins. The young growth with beautiful bronze coloured hairs. Small yellow flowers are followed by 15mm. red berries.

Neviusia alabamensis   A. Gray (z6)
Deciduous shrub, flowers in June-July with whitish flowers.

Nyssa aquatica   L. (z7)
Tall tree, blue-red autumncolour.

Nyssa sinensis   Oliv. (z7)
Rare tree. Young growth reddish; autumncolour shades of red.

Nyssa sylvatica   Marshall (z3)
Tall tree with a splended autumncolour in yellow, orange and red.

Nyssa sylvatica 'Jermyns Flame' (z3)
Selection with bigger leaves and yellow autumncolour.

Nyssa sylvatica 'Wisley Bonfire'   (z3)
This tree has a very beautiful orange to deep red autumncolour.

Odixia angusta   Orchard (z8?)
Grey leaved shrub from Austalia.

Oemleria cerasiformis   (Torr. & A. Gray ex Hook. & Arn.) J.W. Landon (z6)
Deciduous shrub; flowers in nodding racemes in March, white.

Olea europaea var. sativa   (Weston) Lehr. (z9)
Cultivated Olive Tree. The edible fruits are very oily.

Olearia nummulariifolia   (Hook. f.) Hook. f. (z8)
Evergreen small shrub with stiff needle-formed leaves. White flowers in July. One of the most hardy Olearia.

Olearia nummulariifolia 'Rifnik' (z8)
More hardy selection from Slovenia. The leaves are coarser.

Ononis repens ssp. spinosa   Greuter (z7)
Subshrub to 60cm. high. From June to September flowering with light-pink flowers. The best cutting down in spring.

Oplopanax horridus   (Sm.) Miq. (z6)
Thorny deciduous shrub with scarlet-red fruits in autumn.

Oreopanax capitatus   (Jacq.) Decne. & Planch. (z9)
Evergreen shrub from Mexico. The leaves are ovate and about 10cm. long.

Orixa japonica Thunb. (z6)
Deciduous shrub with very aromatic leaves.

Orixa japonica 'Variegata'   (z6)
Deciduous shrub from the higher mountains of Japan. The leaves of this aromatic shrub are silver-gray with a white margin.

Osmanthus burkwoodii (x)   (Burkwood & Skipwith) P.S. Green (z7)
Hybrid between Osmanthus delavayi and Osmanthus decorus. Very fragrant milk-white flowers from April to May.

Osmanthus delavayi 'Latifolius'   (z8)
Evergreen shrub with nice scented white flowers in April-May. Needs a sheltered place.

Osmanthus fragrans 'Aurantiacus'   (z9)
Evergreen shrub with very fragrant orange flowers from October to December.

Osmanthus fragrans 'Nanjing's Beauty'   (z9)
Like the species, but with nice scented white flowers in October-November.

Osmanthus serrulatus   Rehder (z8)
Evergreen shrub with white flowers in March-April, fragrant.

Osmanthus yunnanensis   (Franch.) P.S. Green (z9)
Tall evergreen shrub with cream-white very fragrant flowers during late winter.

Osteomeles subrotunda   K. Koch (z8)
Little evergreen shrub with small pinnate leaves; flowers white in June.

Ostrya japonica Sarg. (z6)
Nice deciduous tree.

Ostrya virginiana   (Mill.) K. Koch (z5)
Tree with a beautiful yellow autumncolour.

Ostryopsis davidiana   Decne. (z6)
Very rare shrub from China, looking like a small Corylus. The small nutlets grouped on the end of the branch tips.

Oxydendrum arboreum   (L.) DC. (z6)
Large shrub or small tree; white flowers in nodding panicles in August-September. Gorgeous scarlet-red autumncolour.

Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius   (Labill.) Sweet (z9)
Low shrub, looking like Heather. Wide corymbs of white flowers in May-June.

Pachysandra axillaris   Franch. (z6)
Pachysandra with big leaves and red fruits. This plant needs light shade.

Pachysandra procumbens   Michx. (z6)
Prostrate shrub with rounded leaflets. The spikes of white flowers grow in the middle of the plant, in spring.

Paederia scandens   (Lour.) Merr. (z6)
Twining shrub with 20-40cm. long panicles of whitish flowers and orange fruits.

Paeonia cambessedesii   (Willk.) Willk. (z7)
The new growth in Februari is bright red at first, later the leaves becomming dark-green above and dark-red beneath. The flowers are pink from March to April.

Paeonia caucasica   (Schipcz.) Schipcz.
Peony from the Caucasus.

Paeonia chameleon   Troitzk. (z5)
Flowers white with pink veins.

Paeonia delavayi   Franch. (z6)
Tree Peony. Red flowers in May. Beautiful leaves.

Paeonia foemina   Mill. (z5)
Nice red flowering Peony. Yet named Paeonia officinalis.

Paeonia japonica   (Makino) Miyabe & H. Takeda (z5)
White flowering Peony.

Paeonia lutea   Franch. (z6)
Yellow Tree Peony.

Paeonia lutea var. ludlowii   Stern & G. Taylor (z6)
The flowers of this variety are deep yellow.

Paeonia lutea 'Yellow Queen'   (z6)
Selection with more showy flowers.

Paeonia mascula   (L.) Mill. (z5)
Perennial peony with single flowers; propagated by seed every plant has differend coloured flowers, from very light pink (nearly white) to nearly red. When they are opening, the insite of the fruits are nice pinkish-red with the blue-black seeds on the margin.

Paeonia mascula ssp. arietina   (G. Anderson) Cullen & Heywood (z5)
Beautiful red flowering Peony. The young growing leaves are showy silver coloured.

Paeonia mascula var. russoi   (Biv.) Cullen & Heywood (z5)
Nice hardy Peony with simple lilac-pink flowers.

Paeonia obovata Maxim. (z5)
Peony with ovate leaves and mostly white flowers.

Paeonia ostii   T. Hong & J.X. Zhang (z6)
Rare Tree Peony from China. The big flowers are white.

Paeonia potaninii   Komarov (z6)
Tree Peony with dark red flowers.

Paeonia tenuifolia   L. (z5)
The leaves are very dinely incised (fernlike). The flowers are red.

Paeonia veitchii   Lynch (z6)
This species has to 10cm. wide reddish purple flowers in spring.

Paeonia veitchii var. woodwardii   (Stapf & Cox) Stern (z6)
Low perennial, about 30cm. height. Nice nodding pink flowers.

Paeonia veitchii var. woodwardii (wit)   (Stapf & Cox) Stern (z6)
White form.

Paeonia wittmanniana   Hartwiss ex Lindl. (z5)
Light-yellow in bud, later fading to near white.

Parakmeria lotungensis   (Chun & C.H. Tsoong) Y.W. Law (z8)
Rare genus from the Magnolia-family.

Parasyringa sempervirens   (Franch.) W.W. Smith (z8)
Evergreen shrub with leathery leaves and beautiful cream-white flower-panicles in August-September.

Parrotia persica   C.A. Mey (z5)
Nice tree or tall shrub with a beautiful orange-red autumncolour. On older trees red flowers in March.

Parrotia persica 'Bella' (z5)
Fast growing tree-form with a nice autumncolour.

Parrotia subaequalis   (Hung T. Chang) R.M. Hao & H.T. Wei (z6)
Rare Chinese Parrotia. The leaves are any smaller than the normal Parrotia persica.

Parrotiopsis jacquemontiana   (Decne.) Rehder (z6)
Nice flowering shrub from the Hamamelis-family. The beautiful flowers appear in May.

Paulownia elongata   S.Y. Hu (z6)
Rare tree from China. Very big panicles with violet flowers in spring.

Paulownia tomentosa   Steud. (z6)
Deciduous tree with violet-blue flowers in big panicles in spring.

Pavonia spinifex   (L.) Cav. (z9)
Shrub from the Hibiscus-family. Yellow flowers during a long time in summer.

Paxistima canbyi   A. Gray (z3)
Dwarfshrub to 25cm. high. Small evergreen leaves and brown-red flowers in April-May.

Pelargonium endlicherianum   Fenzl (z7)
Hardy Pelargonium with dark pink flowers in June-July.

Petteria ramentacea   (Sieber) C. Presl (z6)
Upright shrub like Laburnum but flowers in erect 4-7cm. long racemes in May-June.

Peumus boldus Molina (z9)
Small tree of shrub form Chile. The evergreen leaves are used medicinally. They are poisonous.

Phellodendron amurense var. wilsonii C.E. Chang (z3)
Variety of the normal Corktree.

Phellodendron chinense var. omeiense C.C. Huang (z6)
Chinees Corktree, in the wild growing on Mount Omei in Sechuan.

Phellodendron lavallei Dode (z6)
Looks like Phellodendron amurense, but after inconspicuous flowering abundantly fruiting.

Phellodendron sachalinense (F. Schmidt) Sarg. (z3)
Rare, but very hardy deciduous tree from northern China and Japan.

Philadelphus caucasicus Koehne (z5)
Deciduous shrub with nice white flowers in spring.

Philadelphus lewisii Pursh (z5)
Deciduous shrub of western USA. In June-July covered with scented white flowers.

Philadelphus mexicanus Schltdl. (z9)
Evergreen shrub with nice white flowers.

Philadelphus microphyllus var. occidentalis   (A. Nelson) Dorn (z6)
Little shrub to 1m. height; 3cm. wide flowers pure white in June.

Philadelphus pekinensis Rupr. (z6)
Upright shrub with nice fragrant flowers in late spring.

Philadelphus schrenkii Rupr. (z5)
Deciduous shrub from eastern Asia. Nice scented white flowers in June-July.

Philadelphus sericanthus Koehne (z6)
Very rare species from the middle of China.

Philadelphus tenuifolius   Rupr. (z5)
Deciduous shrub from East Siberia. White flowers in June.

Phillyrea angustifolia   L. (z7-8)
Evergreen shrub with dark green leaves; yellowish flowers in May, fruits blue-black.

Phillyrea latifolia 'Les Barres' (z7)
A selection of Phillyrea latifolia. The leaves are darker green and more of less curly.

Phillyrea latifolia ssp. media (L.) P. Fourn. (z7)
The leaves of this variety are deeper serrate.

Phoebe bournei (Hemsl.) Yen C. Yang (z9)
Evergreen tree from southern China.

Phoebe sheareri   (Hemsl.) Gamble (z9?)
Very rare shrub of the Laurel-family from China.

Photinia beauverdiana var. notabilis   (C.K. Schneid.) Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z6)
Little tree with abundantly flowering in May, later followed by purple-red berries.

Photinia davidsoniae   Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z9)
Evergreen shrub from China. Needs a sheltered place.

Photinia dummeri 'Winchester'   (z7)
Hybrid between Photinia davidiana (former Stranvaesia davidiana) and Photinia sp. Glossy dark green leaves. The new growth bright red and on older plants big umbels of white flowers.

Photinia microphylla   (z8?)
(Half)evergreen shrub from northern Vietnam. Glossy green leaves. Orange-red berries.

Photinia niitakayamensis   Hayata (z7)
Very rare evergreen Photinia from Taiwan.

Photinia parvifolia   (E. Pritz.) C.K. Schneid. (z6)
Deciduous shrub with white flowercymes in May-June; later racemes red berries.

Photinia serratifolia   (Desf.) Kalkman (z8)
(syn.: Photinia serrulata Lindl.)
Evergreen shrub, leaves coarse serrate; new growth reddish. White flowers in 10-18cm. wide panicles, followed by red fruits.

Photinia villosa   (Thunb.) DC. (z5)
Beautiful deciduous shrub with a splendid orange-red autumncolour and racemes bright red berries.

Photinia villosa 'Maximowicziana'   Lancaster (z5)
(syn.: Photinia koreana)
Very beautiful shrub, a splendid orange-yellow autumncolour and orange-red to red fruits.

Photinia villosa var. coreana   (z5)
Rare variety with bright red fruits.

Photinia villosa var. laevis   (Thunb.) Dippel (z5)
The leaves of this variety are not hairy. Also a beautiful orange-red autumncolour.

Photinia villosa var. sinica   Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z5)
Beautiful deciduous shrub with a splendid orange-red autumncolour and racemes bright red berries.

Photinia villosa var. zollingeri   (Decne.) C.K. Schneid. (z5)
Variety from Korea with dark red fruits.

Photinia wrightiana   Maxim. (z8?)
Evergreen shrub. Margin of the lanceolate leaves toothed.

Phygelius aequalis   Harv. ex Hiern (z7)
Subshrub with big plumes of orange-red flowers during the summer.

Phygelius rectus   (z8)
The orange-red flowers of this subshrub are standing on only one side of the plume.

Phyllanthus glaucus   Wall. ex Müll. Arg. (z7)
Deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves. In spring the small yellowish-green flowers appear on the rachis of the leaf; they will be followed by small black berries in summer. A hardy species of a tropical family.

Phyllanthus gunnii   Hook. f. (z8)
Evergreen shrub from Tasmania. The flowers are growing on the rachis of the pinnate leaves.

Physocarpus malvaceus   (Greene) Kuntze (z5)
Shrub with small corymbs of white flowers in June.

Picrasma quassioides   (D. Don) Benn. (z6)
Very rare nice deciduous tree. Leaves pinnate.

Pileostegia viburnoides   Hook. f. & Thomson (z9)
Evergreen climbing shrub flowering in September with white flowers in 10-15cm. long panicles.

Pinckneya pubens   Michx. (z9)
Shrub from the southeast of the USA. The bracts of the flowers are pink or red. Hardly hardy.

Pinus bungeana   Zucc. ex Endl. (z6)
Slow growing Pine from China. The trunk looks like a Planetree when older.

Piptanthus nepalensis   (Hook.) D. Don (z8)
Big semi-evergreen shrub with leaves like the Goldenchain Tree; flowers in upright racemes, light-yellow, becoming copper-coloured, followed by to20cm. long bean-like fruits.

Pistacia chinensis 'White Snow'   (z9)
Selection with white variegated leaves.

Pittosporum eugenioides A. Cunn. (z8)
Evergreen shrub with an undulate margin of the leaves. Yellowish-green flowers in summer.

Pittosporum heterophyllum Franch. (z9)
Evergreen shrub with dark green leaves. Yellow flowers turning into white in spring.

Pittosporum parvilimbum   H.T. Chang & S.Z. Yan (z7?)
This evergreen shrub with ca. 3cm. big leaves has a pepper-like scent. The flowers are small (about 5mm. long) and light yellow to cream. Grows outside in Holland.

Plagianthus divaricatus   J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. (z7)
Evergreen shrub from New Zealand. Small light yellow flowers in May-June.

Planera aquatica   J.F. Gmel. (z8)
Deciduous tree, resembling Ulmus, but the male and female flowers are in different racemes on the same plant.

Plantago sempervirens   Crantz
Evergreen shrublet.

Platanus orientalis   L. (z7)
Form with 3 long pointed lobes on the leaves.

Platycarya strobilacea   Siebold & Zucc. (z8)
Rare tree from China with pinnate leaves.

Platycrater arguta   Siebold & Zucc. (z8)
Deciduous shrublet from the Hydrangea-family. The marginal flowers have a strange form.

Pleione bulbocodioides   (Franch.) Rolfe (z7)
Orchid from China. Beautiful pink flowers in spring.

Podocarpus totara   G. Benn. ex D. Don (z8?)
Upright conifer from New Zealand and Tasmania.

Poliothyrsis sinensis   Oliv. (z7)
Little tree or large shrub in cultivation.

Polygala virgata   Thunb. (z10)
Broom-like shrub from South Africa. Nice racemes of purple-violet flowers from April to June. Tubplant.

Polygonum scoparium   Req. ex Loisel. (z8?)
This very curious Polygonum looks like Horsetail, but it flowers with small white flowers over a long period in summer.

Polylepis australis   Bitter (z8)
Half-wintergreen shrub with exfoliating brown bark; leaves like roses. Inconspicuous flowers greenish in branched spikes.

Poncirus trifoliata   (L.) Raf. (z7-8)
Thorny shrub, leaves trifoliate. In April-May covered with white flowers followed by inedible lemon-like fruits.

Populus candicans 'Aurora'   (z6)
In spring the new growth is nearly white, but after the longest day in June the new leaves are rapidly green. The best when the tree is pruned in spring; when you don't prune, the leaves are green with nearly one or two white spots.

Premna japonica   Miq. (z6)
Deciduous shrub. All parts of the plant are strong aromatic.

Prinsepia sinensis   (Oliv.) Oliv. ex Bean (z3)
Thorny shrub with yellow flowers in April. Fruits like cherries, red and edible.

Prinsepia uniflora   Batalin (z3)
Very thorny shrub; white flowers in April-May.

Prumnopitys andina (Poepp. ex Endl.) de Laub. (z8?)
Nice slow growing conifer from Chile.

Prunus caroliniana   (Mill.) Aiton
Evergreen species from southeastern USA.

Prunus davidiana   (Carr.) Franch. (z4)
Deciduous shrub of small tree; pink flowers in March.

Prunus davidiana var. potaninii   (Batalin) Rehder (z4)
Variety with broader and tougher leaves.

Prunus ilicifolia   (Nutt. ex Hook & Arn.) Walp. (z7-8)
Evergreen shrub. The margin of the leaves is prickly like Ilex.

Prunus lyonii (Eastw.) Sarg. (z7-8)
Evergreen shrub. The margin of the leaves is also prickly.

Pseudocydonia sinensis   (Thouin) C.K. Schneid. (z6)
Tall shrub with exfoliating bark; autumncolour yellow and scarlet-red. Flowers pink in May.

Pseudolarix amabilis   (J. Nelson) Rehder (z5)
Small tree looking like Larix; turns in autumn beautiful golden-yellow.

Pseudopanax arboreus   (L. f.) K. Koch (z10)
Tub plant. The leaves are glossy green.

Pseudotaxus chienii   (W.C. Cheng) W.C. Cheng (z7)
Looks very like Taxus, but de fruits are white.

Pseudowintera axillaris   (J.R. Forst & G. Forst) Dandy (z9)
Evergreen shrub from New Zealand.

Pseudowintera colorata 'Red Leopard'   (z9)
This selection of Pseudowintera colorata has small red leaves.

Psoralea glandulosa   L. (z9)
Not so hardy shrub from Chile with trifoliate leaves. The whitish-blue flowers in axillary clusters.

Ptelea baldwinii   Torr. & A. Gray (z6)
Shrub from southern USA and Mexico. The leaves are darker green then those of Ptelea trifoliata. The wings of the fruits are much smaller; the fruits are 1.5cm. wide.

Ptelea lutescens Greene (z4)
Deciduous shrub with yellowish branches.

Ptelea polyadenia   Greene (z6)
Rare species from the southeast of the USA.

Ptelea trifoliata   L. (z5)
Shrub with trifoliate leaves and greenish-white flowers in 5-8cm. wide corymbs in June. In autumn covered with dense yellowish clusters elm-like fruits.

Ptelea trifoliata 'Aurea'   (z5)
Like the species but with yellow leaves, especially on plants which has been pruned in spring.

Ptelea trifoliata f. pubescens (Pursh) Fernald (z5)
The young branches and leaves of this forma are pubescent.

Pterocarya macroptera   Batalin (z7)
Rare Wingnut from China. Wide wings on the fruits, these hanging as long tails in the tree.

Pterocarya pterocarpa Kunth ex I. Iljinsk. (z6)
A synonym of Pterocarya fraxinifolia.

Pterocarya rehderiana (x) C.K. Schneid. (z6)
Hybrid between Pterocarya fraxinifolia x Pterocarya stenoptera.

Pterocarya rhoifolia   Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
Nice tree from Japan with 20-30cm. long catkins of fruits.

Pterocarya stenoptera C. DC. (z7)
The rachis of this species is winged.

Pterocarya stenoptera 'Fern Leaf'   (z7)
The leaves of this nice selection are fern-shaped.

Pterostyrax corymbosa   Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
Very beautiful flowering little tree. In May-June the tree is covered with a beauty of white flowers, like snow.

Pterostyrax hispida   Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
This deciduous little tree or shrub has in May-June white flowers in 10-20cm. long pendulous panicles. Small fruits rough haired.

Pterostyrax leveillei (Fedde ex H. Lév.) Chun (z7)
Rare small tree with panicles of white flowers.

Pterostyrax psilophyllus Diels ex Perkins (z6)
Very rare species.

Purshia tridentata   (Pursh) DC. (z6)
Shrub with small leaves; the flowers are light yellow from April to July.

Pyracomeles vilmorinii   Rehder (z6)
Hybrid between Osteomeles subrotunda x Pyracantha crenatoserrata. The branches don't have thorns and the leaves are irregular pinnate and not. Fruits abundantly with coral-red fruits.

Pyrus betulifolia Bunge (z5)
Chinees species with white flowers and small fruits, to 1,5cm.

Pyrus lindleyi Rehder (z6)
Rare Pear from China.

Pyrus rossica Danil. (z6)
Rare Pear.

Pyrus serrulata Rehder (z6)
Small tree with white flowers in spring, later followed by small pears.

Pyrus sinkiangensis   T.T. Yu (z7)
Pear from North-East China with yellow edible fruits. Beautiful autumncolour.

Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim. (z5)
Pear from north-eastern Asia.

Quercus coccifera   L. (z9)
Small shrub from the Mediterranean coast from Spain to Syria. The nearly round leaves have Holly-like thorns on their margin.

Quercus douglasii   Hook. & Arn. (z8)
Blue Oak. Deciduous tree from western North America.

Quercus ilex   L. (z8)
Evergreen tree with holly-like leaves when young.

Quercus ilicifolia   Wangenh. (z5)
Small deciduous Oak from eastern North America. The leaves have a bristly tooth on their lobes.

Quercus phellos   L. (z8)
Semi-evergreen Oak with willow-like leaves.

Quillaja saponaria Molina (z8)
Nice evergreen tree from Chile.

Reevesia pubescens (R. sinica)   Mast. (z9)
Evergreen shrub with nice corymbs of white flowers. Tub-plant.

Reichea coquimbensis   (Barnéoud) Kausel (z10)
Not hardy evergreen shrub from Chile. Flowers white like Myrtle. Fruits red.

Rhamnella franguloides (Maxim.) Weberbauer (z7)
Deciduous shrub from eastern Asia. Nice yellow autumncolour.

Rhamnus alaternus   L. (z7)
Evergreen shrub. Black berries in autumn.

Rhamnus alaternus 'Argenteovariegatus'   (z7)
Very beautiful evergreen shrub with white variegated leaves.

Rhamnus californica   Eschsch. (z7)
Evergreen shrub with red to black berries.

Rhamnus caroliniana   Walt. (z6)
Rare shrub with a yellow autumncolour and red berries at first, later black.

Rhamnus frangula 'Asplenifolium'   (z3)
Deciduous shrub with linear-lanceolate leaves, the margins irregularly crenate and undulate.

Rhamnus frangula 'Columnaris'   (z3)
With a columnair growth.

Rhamnus ilicifolia   Kellogg (z8?)
Rare species with holly-like leaves.

Rhamnus microcarpa   Boiss. (z5)
Dwarf shrublet for the rockgarden.

Rhamnus pallasii   Fisch. & C.A. Mey. (z7)
Little shrub with linear leaves.

Rhamnus pumila   Turra (z5)
Little procumbent shrub for the rock garden. Slow growing.

Rhamnus purshiana DC. (z7)
Shrub from North America.

Rhamnus schneideri var. manshurica (Nakai) Nakai (z6)
Rare Rhamnus from Manchuria.

Rhamnus spathulifolia Fisch. & C.A. Mey. (z6)
Rare shrub.

Rhamnus taquetii   H. Lév. (z5)
Little shrub with black berries on the female plants.

Rhaphiolepis 'Coppertone'   (z8)
Evergreen shrub with copper-coloured young leaves. The flowers are soft-pink to white. Some people say this is a hybrid between Eriobotrya and Photinia, but research with grafting showed only compatibility with Rhaphiolepis.

Rhaphiolepis delacourii (x)   Andre (z8?)
Shrub to 2m. height with evergreen leathery leaves. Pink flowers in conical panicles over a long period.

Rhaphiolepis delacourii (x) 'Coates' Crimson'   (z9)
Selection with dark pink flowers; ca. 60cm. height.

Rhaphiolepis delacourii (x) 'Pink Cloud'   (z8)
Selection with a long flowering time, white and pink flowers.

Rhaphiolepis major (indica var. grandifolia)   Cardot (z8?)
Species from China with large leaves. Long panicles of pink flowers in May-June.

Rhaphiolepis umbellata   (Thunb.) Makino (z7?-8)
Evergreen shrub with racemes of white flowers in spring followed by black berries in autumn.

Rhaphiolepis umbellata f. ovata   (Briot) C.K. Schneid. (z7?-8)
Similar like the species but the black fruits are pear-shaped.

Rhaphiolepis umbellata 'Minor'   (z7?-8)
Slow growing selection with a little curly leaves.

Rhaphithamnus spinosus   (Juss.) Moldenke (z9)
Prickly shrub with small blue flowers in April. Not hardy in The Netherlands.

Rhododendron camtschaticum   Pall. (z6)
Procumbent deciduous shrub to 20-30cm. high; leaves light green and hairy. Flowers solitairy or paired at the shoots tips of the new growth, pink-purple in May; also flowering during the summer.

Rhododendron canadense   (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. (z3)
Deciduous little shrub with lilac-purple flowers in April.

Rhododendron canadense 'Albiflorum'   (z3)
(syn.: Rhododendron canadense 'Album')
White flowering selection.

Rhododendron racemosum   Franch.

Rhodotypos scandens   (Thunb.) Makino (z5)
Deciduous shrub, the white flowers 4-5cm., in May-June.

Rhus chinensis   Mill.

Rhus copallinum   L. (z5)
Leaves of this beautiful species are glossy above, the rachis is narrowly winged. Flowers in greenish-yellow panicles in August-September.

Rhus glabra L. (z4)
Big shrub with glabrous branches and leaves.

Rhus integrifolia   (Nutt.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex Rothr. (z9)
Evergreen shrub with round leathery leaves with some prickles at the margins; the leaves are not pinnate. The pinkish-white flowers appear in small panicles in May.

Rhus microphylla   Engelm. (z7)
Small deciduous shrub. Nice orange fruits in summer.

Rhus trichocarpa   Miq. (z6)
Big shrub or small tree. The leaves turn into a beauty autumncolour. The sap of this tree is very poison and causes a bad allergic reaction.

Ribes alpinum var. pallidigemmum   Simonk. (z3)
Dwarf form of Ribes alpinum. Very hardy.

Ribes cereum Douglas (z5)
Shrub to 1m. height. Berries red.

Ribes gayanum   Reiche (z7-8)
Evergreen shrub to 1.5m. high. Flowers yellow in 3-5cm. long racemes in May.

Ribes latifolium   Jancz. (z5)
Very rare Gooseberry from eastern Asia. The red fruits in July-August are about 9mm. big.

Ribes laurifolium   Jancz. (z7)
Dioecious evergreen shrub with greenish-yellow flowers in racemes in March, followed by black-red berries on female plants. A choice.

Ribes lobbii   A. Gray (z7)
Prickly shrub with nice flowers. The sepals are purple and reflexed, the petals are nearly white. Very beautiful.

Ribes magellanicum   Poir. (z8)
This Ribes comes from the south of Chile. Yellow flowers in long hanging racemes.

Ribes malvaceum Sm. (z7)
This Californian species flowers with pink flowers in racemes.

Ribes multiflorum   Kit. ex Schult. (z6)
Deciduous shrub from southeastern Europe.

Ribes sanguineum 'White Icicle' (z5)
New selection with white flowers.

Ribes speciosum   Pursh (z7)
Evergreen shrub, prickles 1-2cm. long; flowers red, like Fuchsia, in March-April.

Ribes viburnifolium   A. Gray (z9)
Evergreen shrub with small dark-red flowers in April.

Romneya coulteri   Harvey (z8)
Subshrub with nice grey-green leaves. The big Poppy-flowers are white with yellow stamens.

Rosa glutinosa   Dematra (z6)
Low shrub to 70cm. height. Nice pink flowers later followed by orange-red fruits.

Rostrinucula dependens   (Rehder) Kudô (z7b-10)
Deciduous shrub with a special flowering. The pink stamens growing out of pendent racemes.

Rubus ichangensis   Hemsl. & Kuntze (z6)
Fast growing shrub with nice leaves. After the small flowers follow tasty fruits.

Rubus taiwanicola   Koidz. & Ohwi (z8)
Some suckering shrublet from the alpine region of Taiwan. White flowers and edible fruits.

Ruscus aculeatus   L. (z7)
Little shrub. Flowers on the leaf-like prickly phylloclades, followed by brilliant red berries on female plants.

Ruscus hypoglossum   L. (z8)
Subshrub with flowers on the phylloclades in March-April; female plants bear red fruits.

Ruscus hypophyllum L. (z9)
Low shrublet from the Mediterranean region. Leaves not spiny. Fruits red.

Sageretia paucicostata   Maxim. (z7)
Very rare spiny shrub from the Rhamnus-family.

Sageretia theezans (L.) Brongn. (z9)
Half evergreen shrub, often used as a bonsai. Not hardy enough for planting outside.

Salix arctica var. petraea Andersson (z1)
Rockgarden-plant with yellow branchlets and light green leaves.

Salix 'Boydii'   Linton (z6)
Little shrub for the rock garden. Leaves bluish-green.

Salix glaucosericea   B. Flod (z6)
Little willow for the bigger rockgarden; the branches are gray tomentose and the leaves bluish-green.

Salix magnifica   Hemsl. (z7)
Deciduous shrub with Magnolia-like leaves, bluish-green above. Catkins to 15cm. long in May.

Salix moupinensis   Franch. (z6)
Deciduous shrub with dark green leaves and brown branches; the big buds in winter are striking red. Slow growing.

Salix nakamurana var. yezoalpina   Koidz (z5)
Low shrub; thick branches laying on the ground. New growth very hairy. Catkins in July between the leaves.

Salix subopposita   Miq. (z5)
Low shrub to 30cm. high. In spring this plant is covered with yellow catkins. The best is to prune back every spring after flowering.

Sambucus callicarpa   Greene (z6)
Big bushy Elder from the west of the USA; the fruits are red.

Sambucus canadensis L. (z4)
Subshrub with cream-white flowers during summer.

Sambucus canadensis 'Maxima'   (z4)
Very strong growing selection, inflorescences 30-40cm. wide.

Sambucus chinensis   Lindl. (z8)
Elder from China.

Sambucus coreana   Kom. & Allis. (z7)
Elder from Korea.

Sambucus ebulus   L. (z6)
Perennial Elder. Yellowish-white flowers in corymbs on one-years shoots in August, followed by poison black berries.

Sambucus latipinna Nakai (z6)
Rare deciduous shrub.

Sambucus melanocarpa A. Gray (z6)
Unknown shrub from western USA. Wears black fruits in ovate clusters.

Sambucus mexicana C. Presl ex DC. (z6)
Free flowering shrub from June to August. Flowers cream-coloured, later followed by blue berries.

Sambucus miquelii   (Nakai) Komarov (z6)
Rare shrub with hairy branches and leaves.

Sambucus nigra 'Linearis'   (z6)
The leaves of this Elder are very incised, but with varied width.

Sambucus nigra 'Monstrosa'   (z6)
Small shrub with some belt-shaped branches, which looks nice in winter.

Sambucus nigra 'Naomi'   (z6)
Selection with yellow variegated leaves.

Sambucus nigra 'Pulverulenta'   (z6)
Slow growing shrub; leaves colours to nearly pure white late June.

Sambucus nigra 'Pygmy'   (z6)
Dwarf selection with thin branches and about 50cm. height.

Sambucus nigra 'Pyramidalis'   (z6)
Columnar upright habit and the thickly branches blackish in winter. Leaves crispate.

Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea (glauca)   (Raf.) Bolli (z6)
(syn.: Sambucus coerulea)
Big shrub or little tree with bluish-green leaves; in June flowering with yellowish-white flowers in 15cm. wide umbels; the fruits are blue-black.

Sambucus palmensis   Link (z10?)
Elder from the Canarian Islands. The leaves grey-hairy. Nice white inflorescences. Not cold resistant.

Sambucus pubens   Michx. (z6)
Shrub or small tree from North America. Fruits scarlet-red, in August-September.

Sambucus racemosa ssp. kamtschatica   E.L. Wolf (z4)
Elder of the North-East of Asia. Berries red.

Sambucus racemosa 'Tenuifolia'   (z5)
This selection of the European Red Elder grows very slowly and the leaflets are thread-like incised. Flowers yellow-green followed by red berries.

Sambucus sachalinensis   Pojark. (z3)
Nice very hardy shrub from Sakhalin. Red fruits.

Sambucus sibirica Nakai (z5)
Unknown shrub from eastern Russia.

Sambucus sieboldiana (Miq.) Blume ex Graebn. (z6)
Rare Elder from China and Japan. Red fruits in panicles.

Sambucus tigranii   Troitzky (z6)
Deciduous shrub. Cream-white flowers in ca. 5cm. big panicles; after flowering nice red berries.

Sambucus williamsii   Hance (z6)
Rare Elder.

Sanguinaria canadensis 'Multiplex'   (z4)
Perennial with white flowers in spring.

Sapindus detergens Roxb. (z9)
Deciduous tree from India.

Sapindus mukorossi   Gaertn. (z9)
Tree with pinnate leaves; the white flowers in large terminal panicles.

Sapindus saponaria L. (z8)
Tree from southern USA and Central-America. The fruits are used to make soap.

Sapium japonicum   (Siebold & Zucc.) Pax & K. Hoffm. (z8)
Deciduous tree with beautiful autumncolour. More hardy than suspected.

Sapium sebiferum   (L.) Roxb. (z9)
Also a rare tree for a frostfree location. Poisonous.

Sarcococca coriacea Sweet (z8)
Evergreen shrub from Nepal.

Sarcococca orientalis C.Y. Wu (z8)
Evergreen shrub with strong scented flowers at the end of the winter.

Sassafras albidum   (Nutt.) Nees (z5)
Deciduous tree with unusual leaf form, usually three lobed, but also unlobed and two lobed; orange and scarlet autumncolour.

Saurauia madrensis   B.T. Keller & Breedlove (z8?)
Rare shrub from the kiwi-family. Panicles of white flowers followed by fruit that should be eaten by local people.

Schefflera taiwaniana   (Nakai) Kaneh. (z9)
Evergreen shrub from the mountains of Taiwan.

Schima wallichii   Choisy (z9)
Evergreen shrub from the Camellia-family. The red flowerbuds colouring from reddish-cream into white flowers, 6cm. across. For very sheltered places.

Schinus patagonicus   (Phil.) Johnston (z8-9)
Evergreen shrub with dark green leaves and yellow flowers on two-years growth in March-April.

Schisandra chinensis   (Turcz.) Baill. (z6)
Twining deciduous shrub. Flowers white to pale pink in May-June followed by scarlet-red fruits on female plants in autumn.

Schisandra grandiflora   (Wall.) Hook. f. & Thoms. (z9)
Twining shrub with white to pale pink flowers in May-June followed by scarlet-red edible fruits on female plants.

Schisandra rubriflora   Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z9)
Twining shrub with carmine-red flowers in April-May. Fruits on female plants.

Schisandra sphenanthera   Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z7)
Deciduous climbing plant with orange coloured flowers in April-May, later followed by red berries on female plants.

Schizophragma fauriei Hayata (z7?)
Deciduous climbing plant from China. The young growth is somewhat soft hairy and the leaves are dark green.

Schizophragma hydrangeoides   Siebold & Zucc. (z5)
Climbing shrub to 10m. high. Inflorescences 15-20cm. wide corymbs, similar to Hydrangea.

Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Iwa-garami'   (z5)
Selection with toothed rounded leaves.

Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Korean' (z5)
The leaves of this nice climber are coarse dentated. The wide corymbs of flowers have big sterile florets.

Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight'   (z5)
Leaves hairy when young, later becomming rough and dark green. Flowers cream-white.

Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Roseum'   (z5)
Petioles red, flowers pinkish.

Schizophragma integrifolium Oliv. (z7)
Climbing shrub to about 4m. high. Inflorescences to 25cm. wide, very long ray florets.

Schizophragma integrifolium 'Denticulatum'   (z7)
Leaves hairy and the branches thicker than the species.

Securinega suffruticosa (Pall.) Rehder (z5)
The autumncolour of this 2m. high shrub is bright yellow.

Sedum populifolium   Pall. (z3)
Subshrub for the rock garden to 30cm. height. Flowers in corymbs, white, in July-August.

Senecio chionophilus   Phil.
Small shrub from Patagonia; the leaves are silvery and the flowers yellow.

Sequioa sempervirens 'Prostrata' (z7)
Slow growing form of the "Mammoth Tree". When you cut the upright growing branches, it forms a flat conifer.

Sequoia sempervirens 'Adpressa' (z6)
Upright tree with white tips of young branches, the best when the plant is cutted in spring.

Shepherdia argentea   (Pursh) Nutt. (z2)
Shrub with silvery leaves. Flowers inconspicuous, yellowish, in February-March. Fruits red.

Sibiraea laevigata   (L.) Maxim. (z3)
Compact small shrub with blue-green leaves; white flowers in May in small panicles.

Sinocalycalycanthus raulstonii 'Hartlage Wine'   (z6)
Hybrid between Sinocalycanthus chinensis x Calycanthus floridus. The red colour of Calycanthus floridus and the size of the flowers and shape of the leaves of Sinocalycanthus chinensis are united in this hybrid.

Sinocalycanthus chinensis   W.C. Cheng & S.Y. Chang (z6)
Deciduous shrub with big light green leaves and pinkish-white flowers about 5cm. wide in spring and a few over the whole summer. Autumncolour yellow.

Sinofranchetia chinensis   (Franch.) Hemsl. (z6)
Deciduous climbing shrub with white powdered branches.

Sinojackia rehderiana   Hu (z8)
Rare deciduous shrub with white flowers in June.

Sinojackia xylocarpa   Hu (z7?-9)
Deciduous tree very similar to Styrax japonicus. Fruits a woody capsule.

Sinojackia xylocarpa 'Lagrima'  
Richer flowering selection.

Sinomenium acutum (Thunb.) Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z7-8)
Twining shrub from China with small yellow flowers later followed by blue-black berries.

Sinowilsonia henryi   Hemsl. (z6)
Rare shrub from the Hamamelis-family.

Smilax aspera   L. (z9)
Evergreen climbing shrub with prickles. The leaves occasionally white speckled. After flowering in August-September followed by dark red to black berries.

Sophora cassioides   (Phil.) Sparre (z8)
Evergreen shrub from Chile. Yellow flowers in spring.

Sophora davidii   (Franch.) Pavol. (z5)
Deciduous thorny shrub with fine pinnate leaves and white flowers with bluish calyx in June.

Sophora flavescens   Aiton (z6)
Subshrub or perennial. Flowers greenish-white on long panicles in July-August.

Sophora japonica L. (z5)
(syn.: Styphnolobium japonicum)
Tall tree with pinnate leaves and an abundantly flowering when the tree is old. Flowers yellowish-white in 25cm. long panicles in August.

Sophora macrocarpa   Sm. (z9)
Evergreen shrub or little tree with yellow flowers in May.

Sophora microphylla   Aiton (z9)
Evergreen shrub with pinnate leaves, leaflets very small. Golden-yellow flowers about 3cm. long in May.

Sophora mollis   (Royle) Baker (z7)
Deciduous shrub with golden-yellow flowers in spring.

Sophora prostrata   Buchanan (z8)
Low shrub. The branches grow zigzag. 2cm. long copper-coloured flowers in spring.

Sophora prostrata 'Little Baby'   (z8)
This selection has a more upright habit. Very small pinnate leaves; flowers yellow in May-June.

Sophora tetraptera   J.F. Mill. (z9)
Evergreen shrub to small tree with long pinnate leaves and 5cm. long golden-yellow flowers in May.

Sorbaria rhoifolia   Komarov (z6)
Rare slow growing shrub.

Sorbaronia fallax   C.K. Schneid. (z5)
Hybrid of Aronia melanocarpa and Sorbus aucuparia. Flowers already on young plants. The fruits are blackish-red.

Sorbus caloneura   (Stapf) Rehder (z6)
Graceful shrub with nodding branches. Flowercymes to 7cm. wide, white flowers. The fruits are pear-formed, ca. 1cm. and brown.

Sorbus cashmiriana   Hedl. (z5)
Little deciduous tree with pinnate leaves. The dark-pink flowerbuds open in May and grow out to big pinkish-white flowers; later followed by to 18mm. big white fruits.

Sorbus dacica Borbás (z6)
Mountain Ash from Roumania. Nice yellow autumncolour. Red berries.

Sorbus koehneana   C.K. Schneider (z6)
Deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves and after flowering covered with pure white fruits in late summer.

Sorbus kusnetzovii   Zinserl.

Sorbus meliosmifolia   Rehder (z6)
Very rare species from China. Nice shaped leaves. Flowers in April, de fruits are brown.

Sorbus pohuashanensis   (Hance) Hedl. (z5-6)
Small deciduous tree with a brilliant red autumncolour and orange-red fruits.

Sorbus pygmaea   Hutch. (z5)
Very slow growing dwarf shrub for the rock garden. Flowers light pink followed by red turning into pearl-white fruits in autumn.

Sorbus randaiensis (Hayata) Koidz. (z7)
Nice Mountain Ash from the high mountains of Taiwan. White flowers are followed by orange-red long lasting berries.

Spartium junceum   L. (z8)
Broomlike shrub with beautiful racemes of yellow flowers in the beginning of the summer.

Stachyurus chinensis   Franch. (z7)
Deciduous shrub with dark brown branches. Flowers in catkin-like racemes in March-April, light yellow.

Stachyurus chinensis 'Goldbeater'   (z7)
Beautiful yellow-leaved selection.

Stachyurus chinensis 'Joy Forever'   (z7)
The leaves of this selection have a broad golden-yellow margin.

Stachyurus chinensis 'Magpie'   (z7-8)
Beautiful shrub with white variegated leaves; flowers bright yellow in long catkins in early spring. Give the plant a sheltered place against a south-facing wall, i.c.w. nightfrost.

Stachyurus himalaicus   Hook. f. & Thomson (z8)
Big shrub with long leaves and pink-red to wine-puple flowers.

Stachyurus praecox   Siebold & Zucc. (z7)
Deciduous shrub with thick yellow-brown branches and catkin-like racemes in March. Flowers light yellow.

Stachyurus praecox 'Rubriflorus'   (z7)
The flowers of this selection are blushed with pink.

Stachyurus salicifolius   Franch. (z8)
Evergreen shrub, with green-yellow flowers in small catkins, April. Maybe hardy enough in The Netherlands.

Stachyurus sigeyosii Masam. (z8?)
Shrub from Taiwan. Yellow catkins in spring.

Stachyurus szechuanensis   W.P. Fang (z8)
Deciduous shrub. The flowers in hanging racemes. From China.

Stachyurus yunnanensis   Franch. (z8)
Evergreen big shrub with bluish-green leaves. The tiny flowers in spring are smaller and less striking than Stachyurus praecox. Not so hardy.

Staphylea bumalda   DC. (z5)
Rare shrub from Japan.

Staphylea colchica   Steven (z6)
Deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves. 5-10cm. big white flowers in May; later followed by inflated capsules.

Staphylea colchica 'Laxiflora'   (z6)
The flowers of this selection are pure white.

Staphylea holocarpa   Hemsl. (z6)
Big shrub with white flowers in May.

Staphylea holocarpa 'Innocence'   (z6)
A fast growing selection with glossy leaves and pinkish-white flowers in May.

Staphylea holocarpa 'Rosea'   Rehd. & Wils. (z6)
Form with pink flowers.

Staphylea pinnata   L. (z6)
Nice shrub with long pendulous racemes of creamflowers; the small flowers have a pinkish blush. The inflated fruits are about 4cm. thick.

Staphylea trifolia   L. (z5)
Greenish-white flowers in May.

Stauntonia hexaphylla   Decne. (z9)
Fast growing evergreen climbing shrub with to 5cm. big edible fruits. Needs a sheltered position.

Stephanandra chinensis Hance (z7)
Rare shrub.

Stewartia pseudocamellia   Maxim. (z5-6)
Deciduous shrub with beautiful cup-shaped white flowers, 5-6cm. wide in July-August. Dark red autumncolour.

Stewartia pteropetiolata   W.C. Cheng (z8?)
Evergreen shrub with 3cm. wide white flowers.

Stewartia rostrata   Spongberg (z6)

Styrax americanus   Lam. (z7)
Deciduous shrub with bell-shaped flowers in May. Needs protection in winter when young.

Styrax confusus   Hemsl. (z7)
Rare shrub with white flowers in June.

Styrax dasyanthus Perkins (z9)
Very rare species from China, flowering in July with white flowers.

Styrax dasyanthus var. cinerascens   Rehder (z9)
Very rare shrub from China. The tiny white flowers in small panicles.

Styrax faberi   Perkins (z7)
Rare species from China.

Styrax formosanus Matsum. (z6)
Small tree with white flowers in late spring.

Styrax hemsleyanus   Diels (z8)
Shrub or tree. White flowers in 8-15cm. long racemes in June.

Styrax japonicus   Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
Small deciduous tree; in June-July covered with white bell-shaped flowers.

Styrax japonicus 'Choco'   (z6)
Selection with brown young leaves, later becoming light brown-green. Flowers like the species.

Styrax japonicus 'Evening Light' PBR   (z6)

Styrax japonicus 'Pendulus'   (z6)
Lovely pendulous shrub.

Styrax japonicus 'Pink Chimes Pendulus'   (z6)
Weeping form with pink flowers.

Styrax japonicus 'Pink Snowbell'   (z6)
Brown leaved selection with pink flowers in June.

Styrax japonicus 'Purple Dress'   (z6)
Nice dark purple young growth, later becoming light-brown. Flowers like the species.

Styrax japonicus 'Snowfall'   (z6)
New selection from the USA.

Styrax officinalis   L. (z9)
The Storax-tree from southeastern Europe and Asia Minor. White flowers in May.

Styrax wuyuanensis   S.M. Hwang (z6)
Very rare Styrax from China.

Sutherlandia frutescens var. prostrata   (L.) R. Br. (z10)
Low shrub from South Africa with gray pubescent leaves and beautiful scarlet-red flowers, 2.5cm. long, in June. Fruits inflated like those of Colutea. Tubplant.

Sycoparrotia semidecidua   P.K. Endress (z7)
Semi-deciduous hybrid between Parrotia persica and Sycopsis sinensis. A tall shrub with long lasting leaves.

Sycopsis tutcheri   Hemsl. (z7)
Rare evergreen shrub from the Hamamelis-family.

Symphoricarpos guatemalensis   J.K. Williams (z8?)
Small deciduous shrub with light pink berries.

Symphoricarpos occidentalis   Hook. (z5)
Low shrub with white berries in autumn. Some suckering.

Symphoricarpos oreophilus   A. Gray (z6)
The pink flowers are followed by white berries.

Symphoricarpos 'Turesson'   (z5)
The white berries of this form are elliptic.

Symplocos paniculata   Miq. (z5)
Deciduous shrub with white flowers in panicles in May-June, followed by sapphire-blue fruits in September.

Syringa pinnatifolia   Hemsl. (z5)
Deciduous shrub. On older age a striking exfoliating bark; white to pink flowers in small panicles, in May.

Syringa protolaciniata 'Kabul'   (z5)
Small shrub with pinnate leaves, and lilac flowers in May.

Syringa wolfii   C.K. Schneid. (z4)
Lilac flowers in large panicles in late spring.

Tapiscia sinensis   Oliver (z9)
Deciduous shrub from China. Nice reddish pinnate leaves.

Tasmannia aromatica   R. Br. ex DC. (z8)
(syn.: Drymis lanceolata (Poir.) Baill.)
Little evergreen shrub with a pepper scent. Flowers in April, white, after that followed by black berries.

Taxodium ascendens 'Nutans'   (z6)
Nice upright decicuous conifer.

Taxodium mucronatum   Ten. (z8)
Evergreen conifer, useful for wet places. Needs a sheltered position in colder areas.

Taxus canadensis Marshall (z4)
Very hardy conifer from Canada.

Taxus chinensis   (Pilg.) Rehder (z6)
Rare Taxus from China. The needles relative long, 4-5cm.

Ternstroemia japonica (T. gymnanthera)   Thunb. (z9)
Evergreen shrub with cream-coloured flowers.

Tetracentron sinense   Oliv. (z7)
Very rare deciduous tree, Cercidiphyllum-like in appearance.

Tetraclinis articulata   (Vahl) Mast. (z8)
Not winterhardy conifer from Spain; suitable as tubplant.

Tetradium daniellii (Benn.) T.G. Hartley (z5)
Shrub or small tree. Flowers in August, with whitish flowers in corymbs; the flowers will be visited by bees.

Tetradium daniellii 'Moonlight'   (z5)
Variegated selection of Tetradium daniellii var. hupehensis.

Tetradium daniellii var. hupehensis   Dode (z6)
Also this variety flowers in August and will be visited by bees.

Tetradium glabrifolium (Champ. ex Benth.) T.G. Hartley (z8?)
Deciduous tree from Taiwan.

Tetradium rutaecarpum (A. Juss.) T.G. Hartley (z5)
Tall tree with greenish-white fruits in large corymbs.

Tetradium velutinum   Rehder & E.H. Wilson (z6)
This species has downy pinnate leaves.

Tetrapanax papyrifer   (Hook.) K. Koch (z8)
Very beautiful shrub with big white tomentose leaves, to 50cm. wide.

Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex'   (z8)
Shrub with exotic radiation. The large leaves to 80cm. Ø, are deep incised and powdery haired. Resists to -15° C.

Thermopsis montana   Torr. & A. Gray (z6)
Perennial from western USA. Yellow flowers in May.

Toona sinensis 'Flamingo'   (z7)
(syn.: Cedrela sinensis 'Flamingo')
The young branches of this selection are red as fire, later colouring into yellow-white to green. Will be a small tree.

Torreya taxifolia Arn. (z6)
The long needles of this conifer are prickly. The fruit is nut-like.

Trachycarpus fortunei   (Hook.) H. Wendl. (z9)
Palm for sheltered places. The trunk needs protecting in strong winters.

Triosteum himalayanum   Wall. (z7)
Hairy perennial from the Honeysuckel-family. Nice red berries in late summer.

Triosteum pinnatifidum   Maxim. (z5)
Hardy perrenial from the Honeysuckle-family. Nice are the white fruits in late spring.

Tripterygium wilfordii   Hook. f. (z9)
Deciduous some climbing shrub. Long panicles with purple-red fruits.

Tristaniopsis laurina (Sm.) Peter G. Wilson & J.T. Waterh. (z8?)
Evergreen shrub from eastern Australia. Flowers cream to orange-yellow in July-August.

Trochodendron aralioides   Siebold & Zucc. (z7)
Rare evergreen shrub with marked composited leaves and greenish flowers in May-June.

Ulmus americana L. (z2)
Fast growing tree.

Ulmus glabra 'Nana'   (z5)
Dwarf globose bush, 80cm. in height after 10 years.

Ulmus minor var. suberosa (Moench.) Soo (z5)
Shrubby Elm with corky-winged branches.

Ulmus parvifolia 'Sagei' (z8)
Slow growing dwarf selection. The leaves are very small.

Ulmus rubra Muehl. (z3)
American Elm.

Ulmus uyematsui Hayata (z8?)
Rare Elm from Taiwan. Has on older age a nice peeling bark.

Uncaria rhynchophylla   (Miq.) Miq. ex Havil. (z9)
Shrub with thorns like a cats claw.

Ungnadia speciosa   Endl. (z9)
Nice shrub with pink flowers.

Vaccinium praestans   Lamb. (z4)
Deciduous dwarf shrub to about 5cm. high and creeping through the ground. Flowers white with pink, berries red.

Vestia lycioides   Willd. (z9)
Small shrub for sheltered places. After flowering, April to July, the bright yellow flowers will be followed by yellow fruits. Tubplant.

Viburnum propinquum   Hemsl. (z7)
Evergreen shrub with dark green leaves. Nice cymes of green-white flowers in summer, followed by blue-black berries.

Viburnum tinus var. subcordatum   Trel. (z8)
Evergreen shrub from the Azores. Nice red new growth and shining leaves.

Vinca major 'Reticulata'   (z7-8)
Evergreen subshrub. The dark green leaves have a light green heart. Also the flowers are deeper blue, in May.

Vitex agnus-castus   L. (z7)
Deciduous aromatic shrub with palmate leaves and flowers in dense spikes, violet, in September-October.

Vitex agnus-castus - roze -   (z7)
Selection with light pink flowers.

Vitex agnus-castus - wit -   (z7)
Selection with white flowers.

Vitex canescens Kurz (z8)
The flowers of this species are deep blue.

Vitex cannabifolia   Siebold & Zucc. (z8)
The leaves of this species looks like Cannabis sativa.

Vitex glabrata   R. Br. (z7)
The leaves of this species are without hairs.

Vitex negundo var. heterophylla   (Franch.) Rehder (z6)
The leaves of this variety are deep incised. The lilac flowers in loose panicles in September.

Vitex rotundifolia   L.f. (z6)
Small shrub with simple leaves and blue flowers.

Vitis amurensis   Rupr. (z5)
Strong growing grape with a carmine-red to purple autumncolour.

Weigela florida 'Caricature'   (z5)
Selection of Weigela florida 'Nana Variegata' with curious formed leaves; the green middle of the leaf grows very fast and the light-yellow margin grows normal; owing to this the leaves look inflated. Very curious.

Weigela florida 'Wings of Fire' PBR   (z4)
The leaves of this new selection are already in the beginning of the summer bronze coloured. Later they will turn into wine-red in September-October. In Spring the shrub will flower with pink-red flowers. This new selection is very useful for landscaping. Protected by breeders-rights!

Weigela hortensis 'Nivea'   (z6)
Rare Weigela with white flowers in May-June.

Weigela middendorffiana   Carrière (z5)
Striking shrub with yellow flowers for a moist, cool place.

Weinmannia trichosperma   Cav. (z9)
Nice evergreen shrub with fern-like leaves.

Xanthoceras sorbifolium   Bunge (z5)
Deciduous tall shrub with pinnate leaves and white flowers in erect racemes in May.

Xanthorhiza simplicissima   Marsh. (z3)
Yellowroot. Stoloniferous shrub to 60cm. high. Flowers red-brown in April-May.

Xanthorrhoea australis   R. Br. (z9)
Grass Tree. Very slow growing plant with grass-like leaves to about 1m. long. Old plants make a trunk like Cordyline.

Xylosma japonica   A. Gray (z7)
Evergreen shrub for sheltered places. After the inconspicuous flowers in September they will form black berries.

Yucca gloriosa   L. (z7)
The conical panicles of this species are sometimes to 4.5m. long; the flowers are cream-white.

Zanthoxylum alatum Roxb. (z6)
Prickly shrub. The pinnate leaves have a winged rachis.

Zanthoxylum americanum Mill. (z5)
Thorny shrub or small tree from North America.

Zanthoxylum armatum var. subtrifoliatum (Franch.) Kitamura (z8?)
Looks very like the species.

Zanthoxylum beecheyanum   K. Koch (z9)
Evergreen shrublet, used as bonsai. Nice shining leaves.

Zanthoxylum bungeanum   Maxim. (z6)
Compact spiny shrub to 3m. tall and broad. In September/October full of red fruits. Seeds black.

Zanthoxylum coreanum Nakai (z7)
Rare species from Korea.

Zanthoxylum fraxineum   Willd. (z6)
Spiny shrub growing upright. The leaves are dark green. In September red fruits.

Zanthoxylum giraldii   Hesse (z6)
Rare species.

Zanthoxylum nitidum   (Roxb.) DC. (z8)
Rare Zanthoxylum from China.

Zanthoxylum piasezkii Maxim. (z6)
Very thorny shrub with dark brown branches.

Zanthoxylum piperitum   DC. (z6)
Strong scented shrub with thorny branches and nice formed leaves.

Zanthoxylum planispinum   Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
This species lookes like Zanthoxylum alatum, but the growth is corser.

Zanthoxylum schinifolium   Siebold & Zucc. (z6)
Rare shrub or small tree from East Asia.

Zanthoxylum simulans   Hance (z6)
Aromatic deciduous shrub with prickly stem and leaves. Fruits reddish.

Zelkova carpinifolia (Pall.) K. Koch (z7)
Nice Zelkova from the Caucasus. Deciduous tree.

Zelkova carpinifolia 'Verschaffeltii'   (z7)
The leaves of this selection are strikingly toothed.

Zelkova schneideriana Hand.-Mazz. (z6)
This species looks like Zelkova serrata, but the leaves have a finer radiation.

Zelkova serrata   (Thunb.) Makino (z5-6)
Tall tree.

Zelkova serrata 'Variegata'   (z5-6)
The leaves of this selection have a nice white margin.

Zelkova sinica C.K. Schneid. (z5-6)
Decicuous tree from China.

Zenobia pulverulenta 'Blue Sky'   (z6)
Nice selection with bluish leaves. The white flowers in May-June.

Hardiness indication (in degrees Celcius):

The temperatures are the lowest termperature the plant can endure.

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